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2,902,357 Views • Nov 19, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
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Views : 2,902,357
Genre: Comedy
Date of upload: Nov 19, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


7 months ago

So thankful to have gotten the opportunity to do this with Uncle Roger, We had a great time and he made a great Cowboy Cook, my friend you are welcome in our camp any time

28K |


8 months ago

Best collab between a wholesome granddad and a humourous uncle

5.7K |


7 months ago

Seeing Kent laugh at all your jokes hard enough that he had to turn around made me happy. Seems like you guys had a lot of fun.

1K |


7 months ago

Soooooo this needs to be a series. This absolutely can't be a one off. You guys struck gold. Rush Hour: Cowboy Style

696 |


7 months ago

I grew up on a farm so when Cowboy Kent said "oysters" my brain immediately went, 'Oh, Uncle Roger's not gonna like these oysters." 😂

2.2K |


8 months ago

Finally The Cowboy Gets Some Recognition

1.8K |


7 months ago

Without a doubt, this is the best "East meets West" collaboration since Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson did the 2000 movie "Shanghai Noon". I couldn't stop laughing, and the chemistry of the Uncle Roger and Cowboy Kent enjoying each other's antics... I would give a week's pay to see a behind the scenes video of the stuff they couldn't include, as they guys let their hair down off camera. I have a strong suspicion that Shannon got into the fun too.

407 |


7 months ago

The Uncle Roger collabs are the best. Also the chemistry between you too is so great there has to be a reunion in 2024.

219 |


7 months ago

Dude’s just having an absolute blast, laughing at all his jokes, smile on his face, his energy is immaculate

2.2K |


8 months ago

Uncle Roger collabs be getting better day by day.

1.9K |


7 months ago

I was thinking the same thing as the other commenters - the chemistry in this episode was incredibly. These guys make the perfect comedy team. They need to turn this into something bigger. Kent is so authentic and super likable- hilarious in his own way. Them together was amazing.

81 |


7 months ago

I’ve never thought of wanting to watch a cowboy and an Asian person cooking together. But this is such a great collaboration love it love it

160 |


8 months ago

"Cows eat grass, i eat cows, therefore, i eat grass so I'm a vegetarian" impeccable logic.

694 |


7 months ago

I didn’t think “ wholesome video” and “ Uncle Roger eats balls” would be in the same sentence but, here we are. 😂

652 |


7 months ago

Uncle Rodger’s brokeback mountain jabs never fail to make me laugh 😂

52 |


1 month ago

I like how wholesome Kent is to the point where in his video he advises the young ones to wear earmuffs while watching Uncle Roger's video since there's a bit more adult humor.

6 |


7 months ago

This is what it's about, people from different cultures coming together and having a good time with good food.

1.9K |


8 months ago

The prophecy is complete! This guy genuinely seems like a great guy to be around.

1.1K |


7 months ago

These 2 should do a series together, so good. I like that Uncle Roger listens to everything. So funny, Kent too

62 |


7 months ago

This was the YouTube cooking crossover special we didn’t know we needed, but thankful we got it!

110 |

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