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168,455,580 Views • May 4, 2016 • Click to toggle off description
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Tash Sultana bedroom recording of 'Jungle' - 2016

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Views : 168,455,580
Genre: Music
Date of upload: May 4, 2016 ^^

Rating : 4.888 (38,570/1,337,212 LTDR)

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User score: 95.80- Overwhelmingly Positive

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 years ago

The song that got me to where I am today. Thanks for all the love and support

39K |


4 years ago

I cant imagine the feeling walking down the stairs and hear something this beautiful be played in your house, your livingroom by your own daughter.

4.3K |


1 month ago

My brother showed me this when it first came out. He passed in a car accident. I'll forever love this song. ❤❤

152 |


4 months ago

still coming back for this song in 2024! much love Tash!

268 |


1 year ago

This song got me through my darkest days of addiction. I played this song over & over while i was detoxing. 5 years clean

913 |


4 years ago

I play this for my mother, who has early Alzheimer’s as much as I can. She asks me every time, “who is this?”. I write it down every time. There are at least 30 post it notes with “jungle- Tash sultana” strewn around the kitchen corner. Tash, you make my world come alive. Thank you.

4.3K |


7 months ago

I see the way you move It's fluid Be here by my side Got nothing to hide I know that you're hurting I see the tears behind those eyes And I can't wipe them clear Your love is like gold to me But you hold me closer to the light With the final bullet inside Oh, I'm surrounded by But you throw me into the deep end Expect me to know how to swim And I put my faith in someone else 'Cause I will be just fine Welcome to the jungle Are you gonna dance with me Welcome to the jungle You got to close your eyes and see Welcome to the jungle Are you gonna dance with me Well, hold on, well, hold on Suit and tie with the black jeans on and I'm paralyzed 'Cause I think you got something like the biggest soul I've ever seen And I think you're the one Suit and tie, with the curly hair making your way with that step and stare So tell me real, do you feel anything Ashes to ashes And the embers are ablaze Oh, I gotta rise among you, though then I think about your face every day But you pull me closer to the light You wouldn't find a bullet inside Only if you magnify Welcome to the jungle Are you gonna dance with me Welcome to the jungle You got to close your eyes and see Welcome to the jungle Are you gonna dance with me Well hold on, well hold on

97 |


1 month ago

Tash Sultana has single handedly gotten me through this deployment ...this shit is amazing

31 |


3 years ago

I’m jealous of the people listening this for the first time.

8K |


5 years ago

my doctor recommended this to me... no dudes, literally. We were talking about mental health stuff which lead to me talking about my music and how much its helped me which lead to us talking about artists which lead to him writing 'tash sultana' on a piece of paper and recommending it to me lol. Sure glad I listened to my doctor.

8.9K |


2 months ago

I can't believe I'm hearing this for the first time. Head and body chills start to finish

83 |


2 months ago

I lost my father last 25th of April, this song give me a sense that He is around me dancing on the air, sense of peace in me. thank you
37 |


10 months ago

7 years later and I still get goosebumps

956 |


3 years ago

Still amazing, still coming back to this! Big love tash <3

2.3K |


4 months ago


252 |


5 months ago

I love seeing the dog run through the set and the person in the background poking her head out around the corner! Epic song! Even more epic performance!!! Great job Tash!!! I've never seen anything or heard anything like this before! I feel so privileged to have seen and heard this most beautiful song! I am so moved by it that I cannot get through my day now without hearing it at least a half dozen times!! <3 <3 <3

37 |


1 year ago

Many mainstream artists clearly have a gift for singing, but honestly, imo it's people like her that really deserved to be famous and recognized for their work. You may be born with a gifted voice, but actually producing and playing your own songs like she does, aside from singing them... that's TALENT 100%.

460 |


4 years ago

The pure fun this girl can have completely alone is the most admirable thing I’ve seen in a while

841 |


4 months ago

This girl kills it. I can't believe the loop machine doesn't just spontaneously combust!!!!! Keep up the majic to my ears

12 |


5 days ago

I'll never forget the first time I heard this, I must have played it on repeat for 2hours. I'll also never forget seeing you in concert with my best friend Tyler in Raleigh NC. He is no longer with us, but that memory will live in me forever.

1 |

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