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Get Sqiggiling | Full Second Season
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3,283,802 Views • Aug 4, 2017 • Click to toggle off description
All the Episodes compiled together from the second season of Get Squiggling. Get Squiggling! is based around a friendly monster called Squiglet who loves to draw. He lives in a white world – however it doesn’t stay white for long. With the help of his Squiggle Pad (paper) and Squiggle Sticks (pencils), Squiglet shows the audience how to draw magical characters that leap off the page and come to life! We meet a new character in each episode and quickly Squiglet uses his Squiggle Sticks to build the world around him – a lush vegetable patch for a caterpillar, an icy snow cave for a snowman or a strange alien planet for a spaceman. Need to find some buried treasure? Squiglet can squiggle you a spade. Need to cross a crocodile-infested moat? Squiglet can squiggle you a boat. Need to get somewhere far away? Squiglet can even squiggle you a rocket! But not without the help of the audience – who are all encouraged to squiggle along with their friendly guide. Get Squiggling! is a unique interactive series for pre-schoolers with a fantastical mix of full body puppetry, animation, and live action. Get ready, it’s time to GET SQUIGGLING!

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