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SEC Shorts - Auburn loses to New Mexico State
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482,378 Views • Nov 20, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
It was a low point for the Auburn football program on Saturday following an embarrassing loss to the 28 point underdog New Mexico State Aggies. Auburn fans have learned the best way to cope with this type of disappointed; and that is to see their doctor and get a new prescription for AuburnFansatol Extra Strength.
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


7 months ago

You have hit rock bottom in your season when an entire SEC Short is devoted to your program.

1.7K |


7 months ago

As an Arkansas fan...seeing Auburn get throttled by NMSU this week after blowing Arkansas out last week absolutely hurts...

1K |


7 months ago

Herbie didn't even say "Chin up, Auburn fans" because he knows what's coming next week

250 |


7 months ago

This all goes to show how long and unpredictable the season is. New Mexico State lost at home to UMass in Week 0, and then UMass got blown out by Auburn the next week. But later in the season New Mexico State embarrasses Auburn.

442 |


7 months ago

The fact he put the loss of Alabama to UL Monroe on the road just to turn around and get one where it says can still win a championship had me rolling.

413 |


7 months ago

Coming from an A&M fan who watched the app state game live, I have nothing but gratitude for the auburn tigers.

281 |


7 months ago

Thank you Auburn! - Signed all Tennessee Fans who can't forget Georgia State

335 |


7 months ago

As an Auburn fan, watching this is like getting the repair estimate after backing into a parked Ferrari. And then I remember that we still have Alabama. So its like I backed into a Ferrari and pushed it into a Lamborghini.

151 |


7 months ago

Best one of the season. The part about if you experience your former QB throwing 6 TDs and locking up the Heisman at his new school had me lmao

40 |


7 months ago

Probably not the comment you expected to see on here but as a Kentucky fan I teared up a little bit when we were called a middle of the road SEC team. Never thought i'd see the day that we climbed UP to the middle 😆

40 |


7 months ago

When he said, “This is just the beginning!” hurts 😢 😅

40 |


7 months ago

" it includes the denial that your previous quarterback just threw 6 TDs in the first half and locked up the Heisman for another school." As an Oregon fan, I would like to say thanks, Auburn.

236 |


7 months ago

Auburn fan checking in after the Iron Bowl to say your product did JACK. Now excuse me while I go cry some more.

18 |


7 months ago

This is one of the more brutal episodes of SEC Shorts. Amazing

142 |


7 months ago

You guys make Monday mornings so much more enjoyable

202 |


7 months ago

As an FSU fan I felt your pain auburn when Jax state planted their flag on our logo 3 years ago

45 |


7 months ago

the only thing I had left over an alabama fan was we never lost to LA Monroe... Auburn football has now taken everything from me

23 |


7 months ago

As an Auburn fan, this was the first time i ever dreaded an SEC short 😂.

14 |


7 months ago

As an Auburn fan, I approve this message.

119 |


7 months ago

My gamecocks have been there before. That 2015 Citadel game is still haunting.

106 |

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