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Top Comments of this video!! :3


6 days ago

Colorado house >>>>>> LA house

2.8K |


6 days ago

Selling the Colorado house will be your biggest regret. You said you were your happiest in Colorado...both you and Shane said that. You also said youd be raising the boys there because you know its a better environment. This will be the biggest regret of your life if you're talking about the Colorado house. That alpaca toy was a sign to KEEP the Colorado house!!!

4K |


5 days ago

Praying the title is clickbait because the Colorado house is the perfect place to raise a family

820 |


5 days ago

Imagine being their kid in 10 years watching their Colorado house previously sold. Id be mad as a child wondering why I live in BEIGE LA and wondering why we no longer have grass to run on, mountains for camping, snow in the winter, and alpacas roaming around in the big area under trees ❤😢

318 |


6 days ago

Why would California vs Colorado even be a discussion. Colorado is perfect please don’t move/sell. Shane even said he’s so much happier in Colorado.

2.5K |


6 days ago

Not raising those babies in Colorado will be a huge mistake

1.6K |


5 days ago

The vibe of your Colorado vlogs is SO much better 😭 I'm always waiting for those 😢

320 |


5 days ago

Selling the Colorado house would be the biggest mistake should just sell the California house and move to Colorado full time

112 |


6 days ago

Nahhh don’t sell the Colorado house. Christmas vlogs will never be the same

1.3K |


6 days ago

I agree with almost everyone here....do NOT sell Colorado. You BOTH said Colorado made you extremely happy...the happiest you've ever been. Plus, you have all of that acreage that your boys will learn so much more just from that than all of the places you'd have to go to learn in Cali. Then let's talk about your animals!!! The dogs always look like they have way more fun in Colorado. They certainly get way more exercise all over your Colorado place..not just talking walks...but talking all of the places they have to explore around your Colorado house. They are always laying down and snoozing when not on a walk in California. The cats...way more entertainment with the deer roaming by the windows in Colorado!! You never show them having that kind of fun in California! Then there are your Alpacas. They grew up in Colorado and are used to the weather and environment. Plus they have ALL of that land in Colorado. Can you say the same about the area around your California house? The chances of a fire being anywhere close to your Colorado house is pretty small up there. You couldn't move into your California house right away because of a huge fire just down the block. Come on guys...your boys are plenty old enough to visit Colorado and to move to Colorado. The choice is very clear...Colorado. Plain and simple!! Don't make any rash decisions until you take the boys for a bit at least to your Colorado home. They are part of your family and should be helping you decide. Thanks for taking time to read the opinion of the majority of us! Stacy

812 |


5 days ago

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10K |


4 days ago

I lived the first 6 years of my life with goats, chickens and land to run around in and then moved to your typical suburban neighborhood…. Some of my happiest memories were in my old house with animals. It was so fun and adventurous as a child! Please reconsider selling the house in Colorado 🥹 if I were a kid again, I would absolutely love to live in a place like your home in CO.

13 |


6 days ago

The Colorado house would have been my dream place to grow up

622 |


6 days ago

Ryland’s family being near would be a huge plus for CO. Having the support of family is so important.

639 |


5 days ago

Omg Shane needs to have his own show. I love how detailed his pump me up reviews where.

32 |


5 days ago

Tacky Shane is my favorite Shane. This gaz station thing is 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

22 |


6 days ago

I feel like you should try living with the babies in Colorado for a few months, and then decide which house suits family life better.

520 |


6 days ago

I truly think that you guys will regret selling the Colorado house if you do. You guys are so happy when you're there. I feel like it's just been so long since you've actually been there for a long period of time.

422 |


5 days ago

As a parent myself … please consider taking your babies out. 💖 it would be so good for them. They need to discover and learn. Promise it’s harder than it looks. Better for you both to learn now as it will just be tougher later.

5 |


5 days ago

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906 |

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