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Music video by BoyWithUke performing Understand. © 2022 Boywithuke, LLC, under exclusive license to Mercury Records/Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Views : 54,790,403
Genre: Music
Upload date: Premiered May 5, 2022 ^^

Rating : 4.954 (13,413/1,143,747 LTDR)
RYD date created : 2022-12-06T18:19:13.647907Z
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I am somewhere in this video without a mask, and it’s not where you would expect it…

7 months ago - 75K Likes


¿Estamos de acuerdo que todas la canciones de este Chico son arte puro?

2 months ago - 1.8K Likes

The Swa

I can't deny it, BoyWithUke has to be one of the best musical artists ever.

1 month ago - 562 Likes

Naqeeb Parker

His songs symbolise how some relationships can be abusive, but to be the better person and rise above what they think of you

2 weeks ago - 45 Likes


This song hits in a different way when you're single and kinda want to be in a relationship but afraid to get your heart broken again

2 months ago - 390 Likes

Elijah Chappell

Your literally my hero I’m one of your biggest fans❤ I just my Spotify report back and I listen to your music so much that I’m in the top 0.5% of listeners I saw you live at the AJR tour while in line and even though I didn’t get in time to see you on stage I still loved every second of it: I just wanted to say you changed my life and I’m many other keep doing what your doing it’s amazing!!❤❤❤

6 days ago - 16 Likes


I swear this bouta hit harder than my dads belt

7 months ago - 3.5K Likes


When I feel sad this music relax me as magic. Thank u so much BoyWithUke, your musics always be the thing which makes me smile.

2 months ago - 48 Likes


I believe that this man has a very unique aesthetic talent of making music like this. Keep up the good work my dude! :D

3 months ago - 101 Likes

Aniket Patel

After 1:53 it is the most relatable song I've ever listened or probably will ever listen

3 weeks ago - 2 Likes

Zaylin Taylor

The fact he put him when he was a kid in the video is just perfect and the lyrics are literally the best like always

3 months ago - 69 Likes


Yes g, this song is legendary. We all have that someone we miss, whether it be a lost loved one or a relationship that has ended. And BoyWithUke expresses his feelings through music and he does it in the best way possible. He understands the way that you can feel sometimes and shows it through lyrics. The lyrics in his songs are always so deep and whether or not you like him you can agree that he is a great artist because of the way he does things.

1 month ago - 11 Likes

Hew Moran

Another banger song to play on repeat!

7 months ago - 6.8K Likes

Sam Aaron

I absolutely love boywithuke, your songs make everything better

1 month ago - 38 Likes

Stone Wilson

I can relate to the lyrics in most of your songs, thanks for making these. Now I can sing about stuff that's happen in my past.

2 months ago - 32 Likes


Truly a masterpiece that will never age

Also his face is the baby’s picture

4 weeks ago - 9 Likes

cody smith

I love your music. Been awhile.since a musician hit my soul the way yours does. Always coming to hear more. Helps when I'm down stressed or sad and it always helps to know someone else in the world feels you and understands. Your music reminds me I don't gotta be there with them but that someone somewhere gets what your going through and your not alone.

1 month ago - 33 Likes


I love your music, it's very beautiful even without the autotune 😊

1 week ago - 14 Likes

Mutis 4949

I don't care who you are behind the mask, I hope it's a happy face under it. Thankyou for existing, love your songs🍻.

7 months ago - 357 Likes


god I remember hearing the first snippet of this song and I LOVE how it turned out. Never change BoyWithUke <3

2 months ago - 14 Likes