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Nick and Noah's Pool Kiss | Culpa Mía | Prime Video
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1,893,102 Views • Mar 30, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
You know the one.

Gabriel Guevara, Nicole Wallace and more star in Culpa Mía, now streaming on Prime Video.

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About Culpa Mía: Noah must leave her town, boyfriend and friends to move into her mom's new husband's mansion. There, she meets her new stepbrother Nick and their personalities clash from the very beginning. But the attraction they feel will lead them to live a forbidden relationship, where their rebellious and tormented tempers will turn their worlds upside down, making them fall madly in love.

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Nick and Noah's Pool Kiss | Culpa Mía | Prime Video
   • Nick and Noah's Pool Kiss | Culpa Mía... …

Prime Video

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 month ago

My favorite part of this scene is the subtlety of how Nick is strongly affected by Noah. She tells him "you shouldn't kill your last brain cell" and then Nick's next scene cuts to him rejecting hook-up offers and throwing away cigarettes. He's subconsciously improving himself for her. <3

128 |


1 month ago

Their chemistry is INSANE can’t wait to see “culpa tuya”❤️

301 |


4 weeks ago

I swear, their chemistry is something so insane.., literally, i watched this movie multiple times and still can't get over it.. together, they're fire... Story is not that new to me as i had already watched dramas about step siblings love story and all ..but the chemistry 😮 WOW!!

26 |


1 month ago

The look they give each other gives me butterflies😊😊😊😊

97 |


1 month ago

2:26 I bust out laughing cuz of the timing 😂

59 |


1 month ago

The look Nick gave to Noah when they swam to the glaotis

18 |


1 month ago

Is there a possibility that the show 'Lovely Runner' will be available on your platform?

5 |


1 week ago

I love this couple 😘😍

4 |


2 days ago

I'm so glad in English it's really a good movie I need a second movie



1 month ago

R.I.P Chance Perdomo

8 |


1 month ago

Es culpa tuya! estoy Enamorado ❤

6 |


1 month ago

Okay I just had to go to the gym now I’m going back 😅

3 |


2 weeks ago

i died from losing the rest of my brain cells💀💀

1 |


1 month ago

Need an English dubbed version of this film please

18 |


1 month ago


2 |


1 month ago

Am I the first one here 🤯

10 |


6 days ago

Please Tagalog version

1 |


1 month ago

It’s very good couple 🥵😍❤️

3 |


3 weeks ago

Where can I find the background songs?


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