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Passengers, prepare to drop into DODGEBALL ISLAND!!!
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►Special thanks to the island, Walkers Cay, for allowing us to compete in this battle.

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Or search “Dude Perfect Dodgeball” in Fortnite Creative! Enter the map code 6049-0391-0019 to start playing now! Thanks CreatorsCorp!

Music by Outskrts: "Get It Going"
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►A big thank you to Island Tyme Cargo for getting our team and gear safely to and from the island. If you want to find out how to book your own trip to the Bahamas go to islandtymecargo.com/.

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“Get It Going”
Performed by OUTSKRTS
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Written By: Christian Hale & Brandon Ray
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 week ago

Mavs or Celtics??

3.7K |


1 week ago

It’s so weird to not see Tyler in a battle

1.2K |


4 days ago

Hey dude perfect team. I know this is kinda a weird time to say this but here goes nothing. I love watching your videos, I mean I first started watching your stereotypes because of how funny and mostly relatable they were. Then I began to start watching your battles too and went from barely knowing you guys to being super committed to you. Something else that made me want to support you more was when I learned that you guys were Christian while watching your documentary. Being one of the few Christian youtubers out there you guys still make it known who you follow and who you believe in, and me also being a Christian I wanted to help you guys all I could. So I went to your That's Happy tour with my family and seeing you guys in real life is definetly one of my top 15 moments of being a kid. So I just really wanted to acknowledge you guys. I don't know if anyone will ever read this but I just wanted to thank you for all you do. - Miriam Lewis

23 |


1 week ago

This video has dodgeball stereotypes Garret: The kicker Tyler: Dont want to play guy Sparky: Traitor Cory and Coby: The 2 friends that duel it out Cody: The early leaver Sparky: The guy who sells the whole game

248 |


1 week ago

The perfect way to start every other Saturday morning

1.2K |


1 week ago

Shoutout to Dude Perfect for using our song "Get It Going" in this video!! We loved the video and we love Dude Perfect!!

768 |


1 week ago

Garrett is such a gentleman in victory, even guiding his vanquished opponent to a nice comfy hammock. We should all be so gracious, both in defeat and in victory. Purple Hoser Nation!

99 |


1 week ago

Dodgeball battle LETSGO!!! It's cool to see Sparky participating again, it's even cooler he's filling Ty's spot, what a turn of events!!!

167 |


1 week ago

1:12 what a throw from Coby😮😮

442 |


1 week ago

Man, I was so hoping Garrett would win that one! His casual approach is like the best way to win when everyone else is so high strung and still lose!

1.1K |


1 week ago

Man, Garret's attitude is unmatched. i hoped he would win as he is always laid back and chill. and btw 1:12 what a throw from coby!

60 |


1 week ago

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge!

318 |


1 week ago

Let’s Go Dude Perfect!

227 |


1 week ago

I swear they'll do anything but hockey stereotypes... Ive been waiting since 2012!

17 |


1 week ago

3:01 Aint no way Cody just stepped into the ocean with his socks & shoes STILL ON! Man's crazy!

10 |


1 week ago

I will never stop watching these guys

107 |


1 week ago

4:27 understandable

222 |


1 week ago

1:12 I'm SO impressed Coby hit that

8 |


1 week ago

Alright cool, but seriously when will you drop school stereotypes? We’ve been asking for years!!

11 |


1 week ago

5:12 The classic definition of a plan spectacularly blew in his face.

171 |

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