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2,385,384 Views • Jun 8, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
I hope everyone gets to work with their best friend at least once in their lifetime. I know I can’t wait to finally do it. #BestFriendsDay #DeadpoolAndWolverine ❤️💛
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Views : 2,385,384
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Date of upload: Jun 8, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


6 days ago

“Paul Rudd Finally aged.” 😭😭😭

9.3K |


6 days ago

Lady Deadpool confirmed!!!

3.9K |


5 days ago

Whoever came up with the "Paul Rudd finally aged" line deserves a medal, a pay rise, and a high five.

1.1K |


5 days ago

"Super hard to eat while I'm wearing it." "It's super hard to eat when you're not." Ryan's Deadpool and Hugh's Wolverine just bounce off each other so perfectly.

184 |


6 days ago

0:30 might just be Lady Deadpool

4.9K |


6 days ago

Turning Black & Yellow to Red & Yellow was GENIUS😂

2.5K |


6 days ago

''The whole world needs Hugh Jackman''. This was necessary for my hearing. 🔥🔥😂😂

365 |


6 days ago

"GAAH!! You nicked it! Just got the tip with your little steak knife!" 😖😵😂

143 |


6 days ago

"Our entire world needs Hugh." Well played guys. Well played. 👏

858 |


5 days ago

Always knew Ryan was perfect for Deadpool since I watched Blade Trinity, he's basically Deadpool without the costume in that movie lol.

155 |


5 days ago

These two were born to play Deadpool and Wolverine.

15 |


6 days ago

“Paul Rudd finally aged” might be the best quote i’ve ever heard.

498 |


6 days ago

They should be ambassadors for international friendship day.

1.4K |


5 days ago

Haven't been more excited since Endgame hype

8 |


6 days ago

Just when I thought I couldn't get more hyped for this film! Red 'n' Yellow, Red 'n' Yellow!

15 |


6 days ago

I had friends once. Then we all started creeping up on being 40 😂

4.8K |


6 days ago

“The entire world needs Hugh” that was smoothhh

194 |


6 days ago

Juggernaut and lady Deadpool confirmed!!!

19 |


6 days ago

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!" :D

17 |


6 days ago

The sky's the limit for Ryan from here on out. He has literally everything going for him right now.

930 |

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