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I Got The Worlds Best Minecraft Armor
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3,817,025 Views • Feb 24, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Creating the most insane armor possible, so I don't ever lose my Minecraft world

This MINECRAFT HARDCORE SERIES is inspired by Wadzee, MumboJumbo, Grian, and Sandiction! Instead of being the Hermitcraft SMP, this series is similar to a MINECRAFT CHALLENGE video because it is HARDCORE MINECRAFT! aCookiegod also with his hardcore Minecraft videos This is similar to my 100 DAYS in MINECRAFT HARDCORE but better!

#minecraft #hardcore #but
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Views : 3,817,025
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Feb 24, 2024 ^^

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1 month ago

Did you know that if a skeleton horseman would have had a prot IV iron helmet by default but has a prot IV diamond helmet on, the prot stacks and if it drops you can get a prot 8 helmet ( it doesn't have prot 8 it has prot IV two times). If you max it and wear it along with maxed chestplate, leggings and boots it gives 2x more defense than normal maxed. They did that on scicraft once.

2.2K |


1 month ago

10/10 armour right there

2.2K |


1 month ago

that armour is insane!

1K |


1 month ago (edited)

The fishing rod teleportation trick is really useful and underused, I'm glad more people are learning about it, but it does have some limitations that weren't mentioned here. It will break if any player loads it, which means that after going to the the nether you have to return to the Overworld using a different portal at least a few chunks away in the nether depending on your simulation distance (80 blocks in the nether should be more than enough for everyone) and make sure no one goes within a few hundred blocks of the machine in the Overworld (depending on simulation distance. 550 should be enough for everyone). You also have to use f3+g to show chunk borders and place the soul sand and the pressure plate on different sides of a chunk border and make sure the nether portal is a full chunk away. I also noticed that it can be unreliable on a server, I was able to fix that by waiting about 30 seconds in the Overworld before going to the nether when resetting the machine. It will also need to be reset if you leave the world, even on a server, or if you die, or if you go to the end dimension. Only one can be made at a time per player and any fishing rod will activate it. The step where you move the fishing rod to your inventory doesn't seem to be necessary according to my testing.

160 |


1 month ago

that is some OP ARMOR!

682 |


1 month ago

4:43 ''This can corrupt my world'' World backup feature:

57 |


1 month ago

carvs really out here flexing with that OP armor, skeletons around the world are seething

128 |


1 month ago

8:36 "i don't want the ward armor trim"
takes it anyways

26 |


1 month ago

you need the fishing rod maxed out man

827 |


1 month ago

As a Minecraft player, I want to thank you for explaining how loadstones work.

114 |


1 month ago

Carvs: I don’t know why anybody hasn’t made a video on it yet
proceeds to watch a tutorial about it

23 |


1 month ago

Carvs, your dedication to showcasing the best armor in Minecraft is truly unmatched. Keep up the great work!

288 |


1 month ago

good to see carves is back to youtube

164 |


1 month ago

"I don't want ward armor trim"
- carvs
1 second later: takes it anyways

113 |


1 month ago

19:30 That's pretty cool but what does that have to do with armor

11 |


1 month ago (edited)

19:15 “Say.. Hi to your drowning dog-“
- Carvs

3 |


1 month ago

We can only hope your armor is a bit more effective than that base you made. 😊

75 |


1 month ago

You can clearly see he had traded with the villager for aqua affinity 🗿

67 |


1 month ago (edited)

For your extras, Punch II is a thing. Also I reckon you might want to get an OP crossbow cuz why the hell not, we got leads in there after all for no apparent reason lol—why not even firework crossbows!

6 |


1 month ago

Mary realized if her calculator had a history, it would be more embarrassing than her computer browser history.

6 |

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