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Cheap vs. Expensive Anti-Theft Products
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1,629,344 Views • Feb 12, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Thanks to Subaru for sponsoring today’s video. Click here to learn more about the 2024 Crosstrek Wilderness.

We test cheap and expensive theft-deterrent products to see if any of these actually work.

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Views : 1,629,344
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

Just take the motor with you when you leave your car. Like those expensive car radios back in the early 2000s.

5.7K |


1 week ago

It's so satisfying that the thief went through so much effort tearing apart the car only to have to give up.

384 |


1 week ago

From my experience a simple hidden switch that you have to click before starting works amazing. Hide it in reach of the driver seat but not in eye sight. Say under the seat or in the ceiling of a pocket cubby in the dash. IMO momentary switch work best that you hold when starting as a toggle you have to remember to toggle off when you leave the car.

For tracking we always used apple airtags but remove the speaker first. Worst case the thief gets a notice on their iphone "AirTag found moving with you" but they wont be able to make it beep so they cant find it to remove it without spending hours. Hiding it well is important, I say hide it under the carpet or epoxy it somewhere under the car and paint it so you cant tell.

237 |


1 week ago

2G making all the birds illiterate 🤣🤣🤣. I love James

293 |


1 week ago

What most car enthusiasts do is route the battery cable somewhere in the car and stick an isolator key in somewhere. Even if someone steals the keys if they don’t know where the isolator key is or where it goes, they’re not going anywhere. I’ve already had that system tested when my house was broken into. The thieves managed to find the main keys and the isolator key but couldn’t figure out where that key went and they gave up on that.

99 |


1 week ago

1:26 "Stealing² !"
That cracked me up. 😂

55 |


2 weeks ago

if that potato would’ve worked, that dude would’ve been so mad 😂

2K |


1 week ago

One of the things I actually like about YouTube car advertisements is that their short enough (and specifically in donuts case, well made and enjoyable enough) but long enough to actually go over the details of the cars rather than just throwing words up on a screen or having someone famous drive in it with no emotion. It’s such a boring concept, but to allow YouTubers to advertise their cars, they have creative people, who aren’t afraid to rip a car apart, attest to what they like most. I’m glad some companies are smart enough to work with creators; and they better be paying well lol

62 |


1 week ago

I've removed plug wires when parking my old Hondas- of course, then I have to try and remember how they route to drive off. However, my new product, Seat Lethal, combines a car alarm and lethality because who doesn't love a dead body in the car. Seat Lethal uses a CO2 cartridge that when triggered, sends a stainless spike upwards thru the seat, impaling the car thief. Mind you, now I don't want to drive my car over bumps....I'm still working on it :)

19 |


1 week ago

You have the best theft deterrent walking around behind you. We kind need a spotlight of the dogs of Donut. It would be nice to be up to speed on the crew’s pet life!

37 |


1 week ago

I appreciate the GI Joe Parody Vid references. "Imma computa!" "Stop all the down loadin!"

11 |


1 week ago

As someone with a car in which you can push the driver side window down with your hands (and no interest in fixing it), this video was still a fun watch.

7 |


2 weeks ago

Best thing to do is a 1-2$ switch hidden on your fuel pump power wire

1.7K |


1 week ago

The old 'pocket the fuel pump relay' has never failed me

5 |


2 weeks ago

They used to sell a battery with a key fob to turn it on/off. Of course you lose any car alarm, plus all your radio presets, and whatever else the car needs. You’d need to put a different battery in to start/steal the car, assuming you knew it was a “trick” battery. Otherwise, a kill switch works well.

Shout out to Cobb - back in 2004 their newly released AccessPort tuner had an anti-theft feature. You could park it with a real time map that allowed the car to start but it would die at over 1k rpm, so you couldn’t drive it. You could still tow it away. There was a bypass for that, but then Suby owners figured a defeat for the bypass - so you could essentially just lock out your ecu and you’d need to swap the ecu in order to start the car.

Cobb also had a valet mode that limited rpm and boost. Just be sure to take the AccessPort with you when you park, and not hide it under the seat or in the trunk - you lazy lazy owners! Hahaha

6 |


1 week ago

Poor Henry and his Suburban 😂 at least it didn’t get stolen this time! Thanks for including the anecdote! Crazy timing on that lmao

6 |


1 week ago

This was by far the best anti-theft or not video Donut has done! I would love to see other anti-theft specialists appear with their designs and whatever else you find and see who does the best!

3 |


1 week ago

The potato trick COULD work if the immobilizer has the PINS exposed instead of the socket.

But the Ravelco can also be copied by a thief and held in a little case where they just pull the male plug out, plug it in and drive away after hotwiring in 15 seconds...

11 |


2 weeks ago

If there is ever a part 2, we need Lock Picking Lawyer on it! I'd love to see what vulnerabilities he would find. Richard still did great as he noted the weak points actual thieves would attack. Lock Picking Lawyer will show us how unsecure these products really are. I have a feeling that the lock cylinders on most of these products can be raked or bumped.

868 |


1 week ago

The Disklok works on many other vehicles with a lower roofline / windshield angle. Would love to see you guys redo this and try to bypass this instead of just discrediting it. I doubt you can get a drill to drill the lock at a good angle if the center console is in the way, nor cutting apart the steerlng wheel would be any easier.

22 |

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