Harriette - at least i'm pretty (official lyric video)
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at least I'm pretty lyric video!!
listen/stream "at least I'm pretty" here: song.link/us/i/1559804816

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Animation by the wonderful and iconic Will Jewkes!! (instagram @willwurld)
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Upload date: Premiered Apr 18, 2021 ^^

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Deborah Moyo

Found this on Spotify and it’s the soundtrack of this uncomfortable period in my life, thank you bestie💕🥰

6 months ago - 114 Likes

Thomas Brush

this is one of the greatest songs i've heard this year

1 year ago - 159 Likes

Krissy Hull

I could listen to (and watch) this all night! Actually, I think I will!

1 year ago - 146 Likes

Darlene Ignagni

Great song. Clever animation. Lovely, ethereal voice....awesome track.
Can’t wait to hear more from this rising star!

1 year ago - 42 Likes

Mia Giordano

Who is this girl she should be so famous by now why hasn't anyone made her famous do it right now

1 year ago - 204 Likes

Yeontan's Eyebrows

I’ve had this on repeat for a bit too long on Spotify. Idk what that tells me about my mental health but at least I’m pretty and have good music taste

1 year ago - 33 Likes

Abdul Moiz

This song should be an Indie anthem by now.

4 months ago - 11 Likes

estella turner

Yay Harriette! You are so talented. Congrats ❤️

1 year ago - 22 Likes

Greg Saulmon

I just recently discovered this song and have listened to it too many times to count over the last week or so. The lyrics are incredibly poignant and efficiently devastating, and the guitar work, arrangement and production is just lovely. Hope to hear a lot more from you.

1 month ago - 2 Likes

Me Hoy Minoy

This deserves a million more views this song rocks

2 months ago - 1 Likes

Dayana Cruz

Essa música me deixa feliz! Adoro a energia que ela passa 🍃🍁

3 months ago - 3 Likes

samela klein

O único defeito dessa música é que ela acaba rápido. Linda a estética do clipe :)

1 year ago - 11 Likes


I've been listening to this song on repeat for the past two days since Spotify recommended it to me. I hope you'll stay active. You've clearly got what it takes!

2 weeks ago - 0 Likes

Orange Turtle

That moment you find an actual artist and not a manufactured artist that the industry captures and pushes their vision on.

She’s an individual talent like Bowie, George Michael, Prince, Annie Lennox, she stands in her own light, just like they did, so unique they can’t be replicated or emulated.

7 months ago - 4 Likes

Brayden Edie

this video is beautiful :) you should make an acoustic version of this song

1 year ago - 17 Likes


just listening to this isn’t enough, i need this song imported into my brain tissue

1 week ago - 1 Likes


Can I please have an album of this injected straight into my veins?

6 months ago - 7 Likes

Alessandro Severi

This is just great, it stucks in my mind! Great songs, should last for hours

1 month ago - 0 Likes

pina colada

I found this a few days ago on spotify & I'm hooked!! This is masterpiece!!

3 months ago - 2 Likes


Me gusta mucho, el concepto completo... Tiene una onda LoFi con una exquisita voz 🤟

5 months ago - 5 Likes