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THE GOAT - Official Trailer | Prime Video
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46,640 Views • Mar 26, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
14 reality superstars move into GOAT Manor to face off in a brand new, hilarious competition show, hosted by Daniel Tosh. They will compete in over 20 challenges, earning and breaking one another's trust as they battle it out for $200k…and the title of Greatest Of All Time.

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THE GOAT - Official Trailer | Prime Video
   • THE GOAT - Official Trailer | Prime V...  

Prime Video

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YouTube Comments - 54 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 month ago

Alyssa Edwards? Count me in!

67 |


2 weeks ago

I think this is the only show ill be watching only for the host. Tosh is finally back on TV😁

12 |


1 month ago

Davonne & alyssa edwards gagged me a bit 😭😭😭

23 |


3 days ago

I love Daniel Tosh. His podcast is awesome. He doesnt interview celebrities, just people with unusual jobs. Hes hilarious. Looking forward to the goat



3 weeks ago

i know it's not tosh's thing, but ever since he did the parody of tiny desk i just can't get over that this guy doesn't do a serious talk show with some humor. he's actually really good at talking with people.

11 |


1 week ago

Ok they didn’t “scout” for the best reality stars. There are way better out there - but I watched the first three episodes and must say I am hooked! The cast is amazing and so different with their backgrounds. This makes it interesting to watch how they play the game. Makes for lots of drama!

5 |


3 weeks ago


7 |


1 month ago

I know that Alyssa gonna eat for a FACT.

10 |


1 month ago

I’m excited to watch Kristin on a competition show! Team Doute! ❤

5 |


1 week ago

I just found out about this show and it's produced in the same manner as House of Villains. 2 episodes in and I love it despite only knowing a few of them.

1 |


1 month ago

This is ridiculous 😂. Will i be watching? Yes!

6 |


1 month ago

Not my type of show but looks good

10 |


1 week ago

CJ Franco…. I’m in

2 |


13 hours ago

Hell YASS! I'm all up in this gig for Alyssa Edwards! (She already the GOAT💕)



1 month ago

Will be seated for Alyssa and Alyssa only

4 |


1 week ago

I hope this goes 100 seasons I know that they have the money



1 month ago

did they spoil the top 10. 0:52

5 |


6 days ago

now that's a funny concept



2 days ago

Wow.. the only ones I know are Alyssa.. Teck and vaguely the Shah's of Sunset dude ..lol



1 month ago

Oh my god, we got a reality show called the goat. We caused this.😂

2 |

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