im in the green room before a gig so i was like yeh why not post a demo lol
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this makes me wanna stick my head out of a car driving really fast on a warm summer day with a girl holding my hand

3 years ago - 4.3K Likes


mother has blessed us again with a new song for our gay souls

3 years ago - 4.3K Likes


This makes me happy to be a lesbian even when I’m horribly closeted from my family 🏳️‍🌈

3 years ago - 1.6K Likes


Girl in red makes me wanna be a girl so i can be lesbian

3 years ago - 3.7K Likes


The fact that this song isn't in spotify is a crminal offense by itself

2 years ago - 377 Likes


Wow now I want a girlfriend so I can listen to this song with her.

3 years ago - 1.1K Likes


I just b out there doing nothing and girl in red unexpectedly releases a new song??????? What a great time to be alive

3 years ago - 1.9K Likes


shook in gay
I actually went to an art museum earlier,so now I'm just wondering why i didnt hear this masterpiece while i was there👀♡🏳️‍🌈

3 years ago - 1.7K Likes


also being a parisian and seeing old paris makes me nostalgic of a time i wasn’t even born

3 years ago - 1.2K Likes


I love girl in red she is so incredible, the vibes of her music makes my gay side come out :3

3 years ago - 369 Likes


I can't really find the right word to properly describe how timelessly beautiful I find your music

3 years ago - 341 Likes


where has girl in red been all my life?

3 years ago - 888 Likes


this cured my summer depression

3 years ago - 1K Likes


i fricking love this song thank you for blessing us
Hurry baby
We have to go
Trains dont wait for lovers
You know
I really hate to wake you up
You look so peaceful
My love
I d love to spend the day in bed
But we have to leave instead
Careful baby
Dont get lost
This city is bigger than us
Ill get us coffees for the road
And meet you at the station hall
This trip has been so magical
Let s see what happens tomorrow

3 years ago - 169 Likes


i didn’t know it was possible to love an artist this much-

1 year ago - 14 Likes


me: omg i love this

3 years ago - 223 Likes


After a year, I can still say that this is my favorite song of Marie

1 year ago - 8 Likes


am I the only one who has NEVER heard of this song before? it just appeared in my recommended suddenly :0

2 years ago - 144 Likes


with every song you clear my skin, water my crops, and cure my depression. thank you.

3 years ago - 264 Likes


How am I just finding all of Marie's other songs just now- I wish they were on spotify

1 year ago - 14 Likes