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The Slang Word P (*) ssy Rolls Off The Tongue With Far Better Ease Than The Proper Word Vagina...
959,828 Views • Nov 16, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
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The Slang Word P (*) ssy Rolls Off The Tongue With Far Better Ease Than The Proper Word Vagina . Do You Agree? · André 3000

New Blue Sun

℗ 2023 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

Released on: 2023-11-17

Associated Performer, Bells, Chimes, Cymbal, Drums, Gong, Percussion, Composer, Mixing Engineer, Producer: Carlos Niño
Associated Performer, Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Composer: Nate Mercereau
Keyboards, Synthesizer, Composer: Surya Botofasina
Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Ken Oriole
Unknown: Fab Dupont
Mastering Engineer: Andy Kravitz

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Views : 959,828
Genre: Music
Upload date: Nov 16, 2023 ^^

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Comments - 1.6K

Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

20 years ago, I wouldn't appreciate this musically relaxing album. As a fully grown man with a family, it's this type of calm music that I need. Perhaps this is what the world needs.

2.1K |


2 weeks ago

Andre knew we needed a higher frequency & he delivered. So peaceful to hear this while the world forces blue face, diddy & world war on us. We needed this

230 |


1 week ago

Transition from the mainstream noise into the free world of thoughts, clean spaces, pure words, solid intentions... I mean Andre 3000 has just given us a sound that can be cut into RnB, sampled for Rap, and slapped on an amapiano track. Just wait and see, people are going to cook from this original sound bible. 🥰

42 |


2 weeks ago

As a grown ass man, this album hits just perfect for this phase of life. Dude sound bathed us well.

119 |


2 weeks ago

This is high vibrational inspiration. Conscious melodic next level. Exactly what we need. This man is genius. He mastered rap and is taken us on journey. He is todays version of the musical anointed.

31 |


2 weeks ago

This is definitely what we need… to bring some silence into the world. Too much chatter. Thanks Andre 3000!!!!

418 |


2 weeks ago

Damn, this dude gonna win a Grammy next year in the Jazz/Ambient category. Dope asf

526 |


1 week ago

I always wanted to know what the last few bars of Prototype would sound like as a full song. 3000 delivered it to us as a whole album. So grateful for this

27 |


2 weeks ago

Currently in the hospital with pneumonia and I can’t lie this is calming and relaxing I’m just laying here thanking God for everything life has given me… the goo the bad and the ugly!!! Great job Andre

93 |


2 weeks ago

This album shall now and forever be the "clean up the house and cleanse yourself of social media bs, relax and reflect" album. I love me some andre 3000 with the bars, but i can really appreciate THIS! Hey... when you get older, the lick is what do i NEED, and how does it FEEL rather than what do other people want. And I can truly appreciate that. Chase that feeling.

285 |


2 weeks ago

Back in my youth, I would've been angry at hearing an album that Andre isn't going in on and being the lyrical titan we know and love. But now that I'm older and that my musical pallet has matured and expanded, this vibe totally fits me in life right now.

I'm glad to say, it's twenty-twenty tre, and we're still discussing Andre. 🎤🎵

32 |


2 weeks ago

I have made the mistake of listening to this in my office. Everything around me has just stopped. I feel like I fell in a trance and started thinking about everyone and everything I've lost. I didn't know I needed this album, but I do. This will win one of those grammy's that they don't show on TV. Thanks Andre.

462 |


1 week ago

My GOD…This music feels so good to the soul. So beautiful to just listen. No words needed. The World needs more of this. I put this album on and my 9 year old daughter fell right off to sleep❤

9 |


2 weeks ago

As a mother of a toddler and an educator, I need yall to understand how this has blessed me. My anxiety is still, when I’m playing this in my home. Everything for that matter is still. 🍃

228 |


2 weeks ago

For those who don't appreciate artistry Andre 3000 has been enlightening us for years... For the music lover in myself I totally appreciate this spin and it's definitely needed today. I grew up in the era of music icons of the 80 & 90s. Truly the only words we really listened to that related to society was from 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Common, Naz, QTip etc.

The average individuals who weren't ascending only would be like man this beat is fire and that's all to them made the content good not even tuning into the message in music raps/songs at hand.

Now with in the wake of mumble rap,cultural destruction pawns and spiritual attacking music in lyrics etc this vibe outside the box is appreciated. Those whom complain must not enjoy classical or Jazz Music.

This music is healing and calming for the mind/brain etc. Some may get it some may not.

I've found myself turning down music and days while in my car or truck driving to work to drown out the garbage of most music with negative superficial programming content.

It allows me to sense mt thoughts and well if the Holy Spirit brings something to mind I can easily decipher vs it being numbed or drowned by the heavy rhetoric of some music and constant spend money on me or buy me ads.

Salute Andre 3000. Musical Genius and Godspeed as always. 🙏🏽👑💯😎

9 |


2 weeks ago

This album dropped when I needed it most. No such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. Thank you for my strength today.

62 |


1 week ago

This album makes complete and utter sense on a rainy spring morning at 5AM (as I am listening rn).

Sun is rising thru the rain clouds. Peace to the world from Cape Town, RSA 🇿🇦

14 |


1 week ago

My favorite on the album. Thanks so much Andrè for your authenticity, creativity and love that you put out into this world! Eternally grateful for this moment and to be able to witness this. Can’t wait to come to live performances.

87 |


2 weeks ago

He told the whole rap game to slow down and chill, without lyrics, communicated strictly through music

797 |


1 week ago

This is like meditation music to me. We need more of an album from Andre. Good job keep up the good work 💯💯

3 |

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