BoyWithUke ft. Oliver Tree - Sick of U (Official Music Video)
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Music video by BoyWithUke performing Sick of U. © 2022 Boywithuke, LLC, under exclusive license to Mercury Records/Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Genre: Music
Upload date: Premiered Oct 6, 2022 ^^

Rating : 4.954 (3,648/315,190 LTDR)
RYD date created : 2022-12-06T16:25:21.584564Z
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Oliver Tree

I’ve never had so much dirt in my eyes, nose, and ears… Boywithuke if you’re reading this, I need you to buy me a new suit

1 month ago - 45K Likes

Nathan Espino

2:05 this walk tho, absolutely love it.

3 weeks ago - 35 Likes


This song slaps so hard. Great work BoyWithUke and Oliver.

4 weeks ago - 1.1K Likes


I love How Oliver's voice can match any BPM and still sound like he is flowing harder than the song itself.

6 days ago - 131 Likes

King Kev

Everything this guy makes is a masterpiece

4 weeks ago - 1.4K Likes


La mejor colaboración de Oliver Tree y BoywhitUK mi canción favorita de todas

6 days ago - 60 Likes

Mystic Monk

Honestly their voices go sooo well together it’s crazy, I’d never think of them doing a collab but it works crazy well!

1 month ago - 2.1K Likes

Konika Jasmin

He never disappoints any of us with his heckling awesome music

3 weeks ago - 210 Likes


Loving the American psycho reference, they need a whole album together

1 month ago - 63 Likes

Yahj Gabriel Santos

The part were they add "life goes on and on" was epic

2 weeks ago - 5 Likes


2 de mis artistas favoritos en una canción magnífica

1 month ago - 217 Likes


This is probably one of my favorite music videos ever.

1 day ago - 1 Likes


Boywithuke's songs and voice are so good it's impossible to hate this guy. He's really talented and he doesnt even use auto tune.

1 month ago - 1.7K Likes


He has done it again. THIS MAN IS A LYRICAL GENIUS

3 weeks ago - 423 Likes

Krisp _Original

I just can’t understand how are you making these songs without autotune❤You are the best artist I have ever seen.I hope you are doing good.
You made my life,man❤

2 weeks ago - 107 Likes

Maria Espinoza

How he made the song with Oliver is perfect a great match 👌👌👌

4 days ago - 3 Likes

Christian Tomioka

Bro this song is awesome and while i know you're probably not reading this, you're my favorite artist and helped me a lot with everything , your music keeps me going and wanted to thank you. Love your music man keep going ❤

3 weeks ago - 83 Likes

Zergyx Omega

The things i love from him, his music...and his mask

1 week ago - 1 Likes

Luci Cuh

had this song on repeat for hours

1 month ago - 3.4K Likes


i didnt think this would slap as hard as it did

3 weeks ago - 12 Likes