obsessed w/ this song

i met her at a party
she was the girl in red
i saw her from a distance
she was playing with her hair
we went outside
smoked our cigarettes
i couldnt take my eyes off her red
turtle neck
she was, the girl in red x2
we kissed on a strangers bed
in the dark holding hands
she wouldnt tell me her name,
so i just kept asking over and over again
tell me your name
she was the girl in red x3
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the upsetter

Her favorite color was red, she looked good in it too. But good is an understatement, she wore it like the color was made specifically for her. Her eyes are a collision of green and hazel, the kind of eyes that throw you into an abyss of infatuation. From the moment I saw you I knew that there was something about you that wasn't in a lot of people. People had a lot to say about you and your past but It just didn't matter to me, I knew you were worth anything I was about to go through. I had never seen anyone I felt I was truly meant to meet before I met you. I remember, before you knew who I was all I wanted to do was talk to you but I was flustered eveytime we made eye contact. I had never experienced this shyness and the feeling in my hands with anybody I had ever liked. That's when I knew this was more than any emotion
I've ever felt for a boy. We started talking and I felt a genuine connection with you that I know you felt too. Then you came into my life and nothing has been the same, you planted not a seed in my mind, but a garden in my heart. You were my kind of woman even though I knew I wasnt yours and sadly you might always be. But you'll never know.

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[Verse 1]
I met her, at a party
She was the girl in red
I saw her from a distance
She was playing with her hair
We went outside
Smoked our cigarettes
I couldn't take my eyes off her red turtleneck

She was the girl in red
She was the girl in red

[Verse 2]
We kissed on a stranger's bed
In the dark holding hands
She wouldn't tell me her name
So I just kept asking over again
"Tell me your name"

She was the girl in red
She was the girl in red

1 year ago - 35 Likes

Adrian Huq


4 years ago - 870 Likes

Pixie Puckett


2 years ago - 36 Likes

popp roccs

This is the feeling you get when you reach the part of the book where the title makes sense (I'm not trying to make fun of this I absolutely love the song and all your work)

2 years ago - 62 Likes


I- Veronica and Chandler shippers are quaking-
Or just Chandler lovers.

2 years ago - 193 Likes

just me

She needs to put this + are you happy with her on Spotify <33

3 years ago - 58 Likes

zahara c.

omg girl in red AND original heathers? im in love <33

3 years ago - 274 Likes

Sleeping JellyfishzZ

I can listen to your music all day

3 years ago - 24 Likes

Captain Kitteh

I fell in love with my best friend, her favorite colour is red-

2 years ago - 98 Likes


I feel like a lot of people don’t know this song but yo this is what started my love for her music

1 year ago - 3 Likes


Heathers is such a great movie!❤💛💚💙

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i'm gay and sad

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Just found this song, instant favorite ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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franky Price

And girl in red makes my favorite songs

2 years ago - 12 Likes

Green Been

I love this song thank u

3 years ago - 6 Likes

Myroegani Lees

A real girl in red😍😍

2 years ago - 4 Likes

Mine Killer

Fumei um Beck e fui pra outro mundo com essa música

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2 years ago - 9 Likes

midnight blues

biggest uwus for heather chandler she's my gf

3 years ago - 83 Likes