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Tate McRae - "greedy" [2023 Billboard Music Awards]
1,550,812 Views • Nov 19, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Tate McRae's performance of "greedy" at the Billboard Music Awards. #BBMAs #TateMcRae #greedy

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Views : 1,550,812
Genre: Music
Upload date: Nov 19, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.938 (1,020/65,238 LTDR)
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Comments - 2.5K

Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 week ago

A music video that breathes life into a song and paints a new realm before your eyes, akin to an enchanting journey through a world of colors and energies🎉

850 |


1 week ago

She's bringing back the early 2000s Pop for me... Thank you Tate! The millennials & younger generation are going to love her.

1.6K |


5 days ago

I think we just found this generation's POP QUEEN. I'm obsessed. ♥

39 |


1 week ago

Love that she’s bringing back the Britney Spears style of performing

548 |


1 week ago

this dance break is EVERYTHING

31 |


1 week ago

She has that 2000s aura about her. Shes a great singer, dancer and all round performer

7.4K |


1 week ago

I am a fan of Britney, and there is only one Britney, but this new artist is the only one who, when dancing, has that fire and aura that Britney had in the 2000s that hypnotizes you with the precision and ease of each movement 🔥

198 |


1 week ago

This is so reminiscent of the Britney Spears MTV VMA 2000 performance, the same energy, and the same 'shes gonna be HUGE' feeling I remember getting. Bravo Tate !

137 |


1 week ago

She’s giving Britney Spears as an Millennial thank u TATE! that u brought me the 2000s back! I didnt’ know how much I missed those times! I had goosebumps over all my body seeing this performance especially at the end

17 |


4 days ago

You really bring the WOW factor in all your videos let alone a live show thank you for entertaining us in such a beautiful way ❤️

3 |


1 week ago

As a britney fan I can say that finally a pop girl is giving me WHAT I WANT ❤

4.2K |


1 week ago

Wow I felt like I was watching #britneyspears perform back in the day she really killed it dancing 💃 🎉 if only Britney came back and killed it with some new dance moves like this it would be legendary ❤ Tate did amazing 🤩

10 |


4 days ago

Britney Spears was my LOVE in music, and Tate is the first artist ever to remind me of her!! The performance was FIREEE, I am definitely a fan

10 |


1 week ago

Ok, she's our next pop star who can sing well,dance,be charismatic, be sensual and much more at the same time with a 2000s vibe. 🥰🥰 And she's stunning omg

105 |


5 days ago

Essa garota tem o frescor do pop 2000. Estou viciado nessa música.

8 |


2 days ago

Tem performance, tem voz, tem presença de palco, a diva entrega muitooooooo!!

1 |


1 week ago

Tate McRae used to be a competitive dancer . I always wanted more dancing from her since I know she can do it. Am glad she’s starting to dance more in her performances.

1.3K |


3 days ago

She gave the 2000’s Britney/Janet vibe while adding some of her own flare - a new Mother is ascending ❤❤❤

3 |

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