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This Might be the BEST Primary of All Time...
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251,437 Views • Jun 10, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
This Might be the BEST Primary of All Time...

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Date of upload: Jun 10, 2024 ^^

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4 days ago

"I am the well" clip: clips.twitch.tv/SpikyLovelyIguanaChocolateRain-79b… In the last few videos sorry about audio issues! Last video I think had a few discord sounds and the previous had render issues. I've had that issue for a while and thought I had it fixed. I use Sony Vegas and when rendering 3 or more audio tracks it creates random screech noises in the render. I thought I had it fixed going into final shape, so back to no music for now to avoid a 3rd track. Will try to fix it when I have time or eventually switch software. Thanks for watching <3

102 |


4 days ago

Bungie were not lying when they called it the "No Die" gun lol

772 |


4 days ago

I like how they took out the spec mods for more mod diversity but it’s just backup mag and quick access sling now 😂

425 |


4 days ago

Team: can we have Well? Ehroar: We got well at home.

375 |


4 days ago

It also charges the meter with any other weapons damage. It's really fun throwing a witherhoard on a boss and then just shooting your teammates infinitely

145 |


4 days ago

Now THAT is friendly-fire

292 |


4 days ago

This thing absolutely carried encounters 1-3 in the contest raid for me

381 |


4 days ago

Lumina in shambles right now.

103 |


4 days ago

Circle of Life actually gives a 37.5% increase over base damage (at least my enhanced version does) so that perk is fucking insane

136 |


4 days ago

I just noticed you can see other players health bar now

172 |


4 days ago

Was running the campaign on legendary and everytime I LFG'd, someone always had the gun on. So I'm getting randomly healed out of nowhere saving me a bunch.

16 |


4 days ago

I used this during our day 1 too and I swear this thing could be changed to a craftable exotic and it would still be overpowered. Don’t know how Bungie makes another one of these. This gun is pinnacle weapons level of strong.

14 |


4 days ago

Correction: The healing turret from your exotic is usually cure x1 and restoration x1, but using Touch of Flame bumps it up to x2 like it would for your regular healing grenades. That’s why you were getting x2 on yours but only x1 on your friend’s turrets.

41 |


3 days ago

Someone made a post about the enhanced perk giving Resto x2 (on Reddit), and Bungie actually replied to clarify it's a bug. The enhanced version of the perk is only supposed to be a duration increase. They aren't prioritizing the fix or anything, but they did say it WILL eventually get fixed, so... enjoy it while you can!

6 |


4 days ago

Me and my friend got this weapon half way through the legendary campaign and we suck at the game, but this gun carry does so hard.

35 |


4 days ago

For hellion ( which I built around and played pure solar for the campaign) ash's gives it enough scorch to trigger ignition every other shot, was using singing for the class ability refresh(with melee, the hellion, and skyburner for scorch triggers) the 300% boost it provides at 100 recovery was giving my rift back just as the last one ended. It's overboard but singing and benevolence can stack for 700%. The playloop was go in pop rift for hellion, the blast target with "the call" With slice, use skyburner for recharge when needed.

5 |


4 days ago

You can spawn orbs off teammates being healed with attrition orbs.

26 |


1 day ago

Bad news, today's twab stated resto x2 on enhanced physic is an error they are already aware... The post fix effect will be normal resto lingering further.

3 |


4 days ago

I was skeptical at first but when I got my hands on this thing…I’m never taking it off and I now make builds around this weapon. All my friends are still sleeping on this thing.

7 |


4 days ago

Hellion and Boots of the Assembler about to go hard af

8 |

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