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Chinese migrants are fastest growing group crossing into U.S. from Mexico | 60 Minutes
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5,020,102 Views • Feb 4, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
A growing number of Chinese nationals, trying to escape repressive politics and a bleak economy, are headed to the U.S. They’re turning to a gap at the southern border with Mexico as a way to get in.

#news #immigration #china

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Views : 5,020,102
Genre: News & Politics
Date of upload: Feb 4, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

This situation is outrageous and needs immediate attention. The lack of accountability and enforcement is concerning.

7.3K |


2 weeks ago

This is insane.

1.2K |


2 weeks ago

So basically the entire world is sneaking in through this tiny gap.😂

411 |


1 week ago

This is a slap in the face to all those who did their paperwork and came here legally. It's a slap in the face to all the citizens and LEGAL immigrants (not illegal aliens) who work and pay taxes to fund and run a civilized country!

58 |


2 weeks ago

This is ridiculous. I am an immigrant myself, through the front door. These backdoor law breakers only lengthen the line the law abiding people are waiting on. Where did they get the resources to process these people in 72 hours yet the people following the law have to wait for months or years? Oh, they arrested the land owner and took away his gun? Outrageous!

659 |


1 week ago

mind blown how ridiculous this a tax paying citizen I'm outraged

177 |


3 weeks ago

There's no way china would allow Americans to do this

16K |


2 weeks ago

How are you not charged but still have your gun confiscated? That is the most unconstitutional act I’ve heard of in all of this!

694 |


1 week ago

And we still have people waiting for an appointment with the US embassy to get processed. This is mindblowing

171 |


2 days ago

Wow after 72 hours they can walk freely??? I’m here in US getting all stressed with the requirements and money I needed to afford a lawyer to petition my parents from Philippines and bring them here🥲

14 |


1 week ago

What's crazy about this, is that the "hole" in the fence could literally be fixed in an afternoon.

165 |


6 days ago

I'm an American living in Thailand since 2014. I've been a relationship with a Thai for the same amount of time. Not once have we even tried to come and visit my family in America because of the ridiculous interview process, bank balance requirements and other obstacles that must be overcome just to receive a TOURIST VISA for my Thai partner to take a holiday to America legally.

88 |


3 weeks ago

We are truly stupid in this country.

17K |


2 weeks ago

That lady is enabling those people to come in illegally. My friend has been trying to get his mom into the United States from Mexico for 8 years now. She's doing it legally and now she's just waiting on the paperwork to be processed meanwhile these people are allowed to come in illegally and get help immediately.

633 |


2 weeks ago

150k people crossing through that hole per year is just insane

171 |


1 week ago

Imagine a hole in your cruise ship.. and the captain and crew just continue going about their day as usual..

13 |


2 weeks ago

We should pay no more taxes until this is resolved, disgusting; took me a 20 year Navy vet over a year to get a Visa for my Japanese Wife. Im currently working on getting my Visa for Japan and thinking of moving to a country that serves its people like Japan, no crime, and a respect for culture. Also now non Asian Americans see my wife as an invader rather than the truth of our situation.

165 |


2 days ago

As an Ecuadorian I feel deeply ashamed.

4 |


3 weeks ago

I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you’re on, this is insane and unsustainable

5.2K |


2 weeks ago

I can't even begin to describe how infuriating this is

254 |

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