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Views : 3,079,617
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Mar 31, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago


2.6K |


3 months ago

i like how zach just randomly turned this vid into a tara and jake interview😭

33K |


3 months ago

The absolute lack of jealousy and toxicity is so refreshing

22K |


3 months ago

The chemistry between Jake and Zach in this video is undeniable... Tara is a great match maker

2.4K |


2 months ago

When Tara was crying Jake like did not stop looking at her and he looked so sad.

623 |


3 months ago

Zach clearly has been a closeted sweetheart and I’m so glad he’s gradually coming out.

9K |


3 months ago

"someone else knew the pressure of her kiss" IMMEDIATE TEARS. Zach, that was so beautifully put, you've yanked my heart out

15K |


2 months ago

“There has to be something wrong with you Tara you’re too hot” lol jake that was so sweet

182 |


1 month ago

Jake brings drinks Zach: “Daddy!”

190 |


3 months ago

Tara crying cause of Zach’s past situation is truly the sweetest thing

15K |


3 months ago

"you got root bear?" "no thats jakes" "root bear!" "ROOT BEAR 👺"

3.6K |


3 weeks ago

i like how zack kept telling tara “yes ma’am” that was so sweet i love that

24 |


3 months ago

Tara being the model for Jake’s merch is low key iconic

14K |


3 months ago

the way jake lowkey gave zach approval to be w tara as long as she’s treated like a queen and the way zach kept lookin at tara most the video

5.2K |


3 months ago

10:37 when Tara said "no were not together" and she looks at Zach😭

392 |


3 months ago

"dont put that in" jake keeping it in

67 |


3 months ago

“spicy noodles with tara and zach” to “zach interrogates jake and tara” 💀

6.2K |


3 months ago

" let me sit on it" IS CRAZY TARA.

11K |


3 months ago

So interesting seeing Zach be this genuine, and very interesting to hear you and Tara speak about your relationship in such a casual setting

101 |


3 months ago

5:01 jake staring into our soul "HEY BROTHER WHY DIDNT WE BRING WATER IN HERE???!!" 💀

99 |

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