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ASMR | 3 HOURS of ANXIETY and PANIC Relief 💙 Helping You Calm Down
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450,301 Views • Nov 22, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
A 3 hour compilation of my most popular anxiety help videos. A while ago, you guys voted on which compilation you wanted most so here it is! Hopefully the mindfulness and relaxation techniques in this video can help you with you stress and anxiety. 💙

This should also help with the recent ad changes YT made (new videos have mandatory post-roll ads)! I might make more compilation videos in the future to help with this. :)

I'm currently out of town for a wedding, so there'll be a video with new content coming next week! And then we should be back to a more regular upload schedule. :)

Please note that I am NOT a mental health professional.

EFT, or emotional freedom technique, is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. Though still being researched, EFT tapping has been used to treat people with anxiety and people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

More info and resources:…
I also recommend Psychology Today's therapist finder!

Until next time!

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Views : 450,301
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Date of upload: Nov 22, 2023 ^^

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YouTube Comments - 395 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

Can we all appreciate how much work and effort she puts into these videos? 3 hours is like a full Avatar movie 😅

330 |


3 months ago

Anyone who works in retail during the holiday season needs a video like this.

646 |


2 months ago

Listening to this helped me come out of panic attack/autistic meltdown that I’d been having for over an hour. Thank you so much Sarah

99 |


2 months ago

This video is absolutely crucial in letting me go to sleep for the past two weeks. Literally every night

64 |


2 months ago

just had a really bad meltdown/panic attack and was just out of it for a while. stumbled across your channel while trying to calm myself down and it's probably the luckiest thing that's happened to me in a bit! thank you for these videos, sarah. ♡

25 |


2 months ago

The green room and the rain sounds make this seem all the more tranquil 🙌

38 |


3 months ago

3 Hours!? 😲
Just what I needed when my whole family is coming over! Thanks, Sarah! 🥹

87 |


1 month ago

I don't know if you'll see this or not, but thank you for everything. Your videos have helped me so much through a month of lots of anxiety. Whenever i feel anxious or panicked about something, I come to your videos for instant relief, and they always give me strength. As someone who has trouble going to sleep due to obsessive and anxious thoughts, i have watched your anxiety relief videos every night. You have truly impacted my life in a beautiful way. Thanks, once again, for helping everyone out there who might be struggling with anxiety. <3

And to anyone who is somehow reading this that struggles with some form of anxiety, you are not alone. You are so much stronger than you think and I am so proud of you. Anxiety can be tough and you are an amazing human being for being here. Even if your anxiety is making you feel panicked, right now, you are completely safe. It may feel like your anxiety is strong, but keep working. We are all in this together, and you are loved. Stay strong. <3

9 |


2 months ago

That’s exactly what I needed rn so thank you very much🥹

140 |


3 months ago

3 hours!! That's very noble of you during the holidays to contribute to those are struggling through these type of times.

Me for example, I'm taking care of my cancer fighting mother, disabled autistic brother in my house, working full time at a international airport & Army Reserve part time.... need videos like this!

Thank you Sarah for all you do. You're very beautiful & kind! ❤

93 |


2 months ago

Could you do a winter facial/spa asmr video soon? So stressed with finals and don’t have money to get a facial, but I loooove your spa role plays as a treat myself and relax before bed. Thanks for your videos, Sarah. You are appreciated 💜

25 |


2 months ago

My anxiety is bad. This is a wonderful Christmas present.

7 |


3 months ago

3 hours? My oh my. Thank you, Sarah!

53 |


2 months ago

So far ASMR has given me much better results than everything else combined for anxiety and insomnia (medication, meditation, breathing technics , therapy etc), and the beauty of it is that is has 0 unwanted side effect.

Also I live in Paris and have mild agoraphobia, a couple of days ago I've discovered by accident that listening to your channel in a super crowded place helped A LOT and made the experience a lot less unpleasant, i didn't feel overwhelmed or felt the urge to flee. I'm very grateful to you for your work, you provide tools to improve the life quality of people in a creative way, and I would love to see on your channel a video dedicated to agoraphobia one day :)

4 |


3 months ago

I hope all the great affirmations you make in these videos are aimed towards yourself, too. You help a lot to feel soothingly calm, cozy, and comforted. Thank you!

7 |


3 months ago

I'm very pleased for 3 hours of calming content from Sarah 😊

Please make more background ASMR videos. Those are my favorites because there's very little (intelligible) talking. I cycle through 5 of your previous ones regularly to help me sleep. ❤

16 |


3 months ago

I was just having a really bad night when this popped up! Thanks, Sarah!! ❤❤

29 |


2 months ago

Everytime I watch your videos I only wonder how easy it would've been for me an year ago when I was quarantined for a month due to a disease. You're like a friend Sarah so grateful for your content ❤❤❤so much love to you. Thankyou for what you do for us.

5 |


3 months ago

It's like you read my mind!! I have a playlist literally of all these videos, now it's all in one video! Thank you! 💜🥹

8 |


2 months ago

This was like a favourite movie you’ve watched before but loving the character and storyline even more the second time around. 💜💜

24 |

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