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Stray Kids - “S-Class” + “LALALALA” [2023 Billboard Music Awards]
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4,504,801 Views • Nov 19, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
#BBMAs #StrayKids #BillboardMusicAwards

Stray Kids perform "S-Class" and "LALALALA" at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards.

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The “2023 Billboard Music Awards” (BBMAs) celebrate music’s greatest achievements, honoring the year’s hottest names in music determined by year-end performance metrics on the Billboard charts. The BBMAs are delivering a reimagined award show concept that will entertain fans with music and exclusive content, including winner celebrations, behind-the-scenes moments, and performances created by the world’s biggest chart-topping artists. Performances and award celebrations will take place in global locations, in the midst of sold-out tours, and in custom venues – all with bespoke BBMAs creative.

For all of the award categories go to www.billboardmusicawards.com/
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Views : 4,504,801
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Date of upload: Nov 19, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


7 months ago

It's no longer a "I want", it's a I NEED TO GO TO A STRAY KIDS CONCERT. They have the talent, the skill, the passion and everything to give on stage, they never disappoint and always give their 200%.

4K |


7 months ago


434 |


7 months ago

Never listened to this group, but this performance is Fkn amazing 👏. Guy with the deep voice was Cute AF.

1.2K |


7 months ago

Seungmin is singing louder than the backtract and still freakin stable. ❤😊

244 |


7 months ago

Can we talk about how incredible the arrangment of Lalala was ? Hyunjin solo got me speechless and seungmin singing an octave higher while doing all those dance moves... just beautiful. They all did amazing ❤ So proud to be a stay. Truly 4th gen leader !

2K |


7 months ago

Performing at the VMA’s, BBMA’s, getting another song number one on Billboard. This is definitely Stray Kids’ year. Amazing performance 🙌

708 |


7 months ago

the transition between the songs were toooooo goood

357 |


7 months ago


215 |


7 months ago

Unbelievable on stage. I knew they were going to impress me again. Stray kids never disappoint!!

211 |


7 months ago

Stray Kids doesn't disappoint us but makes us so proud of them

307 |


7 months ago

i love the way Stray Kids always musically switch up their live performances. Amazing.

274 |


7 months ago


94 |


7 months ago

Stray Kids are really performance Kings!!! They know how to put on a show! Congratulations on your 4th #1 on BB200 and for entering Hot100 for ROCK STAR and LALALALA!

983 |


7 months ago

Congrats Stray Kids for your Billboard Music Award!! So well deserved!

431 |


7 months ago

Hyunjin saying la la la Is my new obsession

27 |


6 months ago

How can they be so good? Jeongin and Seungmin's vocals are so perfect! Han and Changbin rock rap, Bang Chan's voice in LALALALA is so smooth, Lee Know Hyunjin and Felix teach dance lessons STRAY KIDS EVERYWHERE ALL AROUND THE WORLD YOU MAKE STRAY KIDS STAY👑🇧🇷

26 |


7 months ago

Stray kids are such charismatic performers. You can’t take your eyes off them. What an amazing performance!

465 |


7 months ago

THE S-CLASS AND LALALALA REMIX IS INSANE !!! Especially the outro....It's TOO GOOD 😭😭😭 They deserve the win 🤴🏻

719 |


4 months ago

First time listening to this group, their performance is crazy. Is it really the cute blonde guy singing with that deep voice?? Hard to believe that a voice like that comes out from that face, definitely caught my attention. Will dive into more of their songs.

48 |


7 months ago

Now I can't listen to lalalala's ending without thinking of this performance

59 |

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