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Comments - 1.7K

Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

I just realized if you mash "but better" together you get "butter". It was right in front of us this whole time.

2.5K |


2 weeks ago

2:40 Mac and Cheese
4:33 Cornbread
6:34 Rolls
8:52 Sweet Potato Casserole
11:56 Green Bean Casserole
14:20 Cranberry Sauce
15:45 Stuffing
18:25 Mashed Potatoes

901 |


2 weeks ago

Just imagine... many, Many , MANY Thanksgivings years from now, when Josh's recipes are handed down generation to generation and your family is calling this just the "way grandma use make it". ❤

523 |


2 weeks ago

I used the kind of mushrooms I had laying around for the green bean casserole and now my family is tripping balls

226 |


1 week ago

I don't even make these, i just love watching him make them

41 |


1 week ago

I made the chorizo stuffing and everyone lost their minds. It was a freaking BANGER! Thanks Josh!!!

Couple of thoughts
My Guillo pepper didn’t turn into a sauce so I blended it, strained it and then let it reduce. You definitely have to tell people it’s supposed to have a burnt look because it definitely turned people off at first.

I made a avacado line sauce for it
1/4 cup red onions
1/2 bunch of cilantro
1 avocado
1-1/2 cups of sour cream
1 juice from a lime
Salt to taste
Pinch of paprika.

Happy thanks giving y’all!

77 |


2 weeks ago

I cant imagine being a professional chef and going to thanksgiving with your family. Either you're blowing everyone else's dishes out of the water or they've given up and make you do all the cooking that day.

1.5K |


2 weeks ago

The format of this video is very innovative and we need more of it. Discussing options, swapping techniques, etc. you're teaching people how to develop their own recipes and I think it's brilliant. You're the best, Josh ❤️

114 |


2 weeks ago

The first 3 minutes summarized how to be a good home cook. It’s kinda crazy how easily he compartmentalized it

160 |


1 week ago

One of these days, it'll be hilarious if Josh made something with so much confidence, only for him to taste it, gag, and say wow that was awful I really thought I had something here

19 |


1 week ago

as someone who used to love complex, aka complicated, dishes and recipes, i've since learned that there is so much to be said for simpler, less complicated recipes so that you can actually taste not only all of the individual ingredients, but the main food in the dish as well. when you know good techniques and know how to marry and match ingredients properly, a little goes a long way. something that really stood out was that you add so many things to the sweet potatoes, you can no longer taste the simplicity of the sweet potato, but many things on top of sweet potatoes instead of the sweet potato first. i learned to appreciate this in learning how to properly drink freshly made tea without adding anything to the tea - and i don't mean lipton. it really opens up the taste buds and makes one realize just how much masking of food and drink people do in order to make their food and drink "tasty" when the best flavors are already there. where people go wrong is thinking they need lots of salt, fats, sugars, etc to make food and drinks taste good when all it really takes is just a pinch for proper flavoring. people sometimes use way to much of these things. you also don't need that much honey and butter to significantly change the flavor of the cornbread.

27 |


1 week ago

I really miss it when Josh would have his team members try everything. I’m sure he has an awesome pallet. But when that second person is standing there quickly, it definitely puts some validity to the flavor.

10 |


1 week ago

Part of what makes thanksgiving meals and the holiday itself appealing to many people IS the “monotony” - or dare I say - familiarity of dishes and recipes that are passed down and used in families year after year, generation to generation. My great aunt used to make split pea soup for my father who loved it so now I make it for him and our family and they love it. I personally don’t like it very much but it’s the nostalgia that is what our family comes back for. Not a flashy new way to deep fry a turkey. That is not to say I don’t try a new recipe over the years but it certainly is the familiarity that brings families together that we find comforting.

54 |


1 week ago

Okay I did the panang sweet potato casserole and can confirm that the coconut whipped topping is actually required and not optional. IT'S SO GOOD 😭

3 |


1 week ago

Everything else looks delicious, but I’ll definitely be sticking to my classic sweet potato casserole. I don’t even like sweet potatoes, but the marshmallow casserole is so good

30 |


6 days ago

The jalapeno corn bread was my first Josh Weissman recipe I tried. And now I'm back on the channel looking for more food to make bc got dang that was some good ass cornbread!!!

1 |


1 week ago

Josh, I am here for the upside down cornbread, the cranberry sauce, and the mashed potatoes, and ok the mac n cheese. I'm not so sure about the other things for Thanksgiving, but I'd love to try them some other time. Thank you! 😊

6 |


2 weeks ago

Getting your book soon 🙌🏻

64 |


1 week ago

Made the jalapeño upside down cornbread tonight for thanksgiving it was a hit ! My first time making cornbread and it was amazing !! Thank you ❤ happy thanksgiving everyone 🦃🍂

6 |


6 days ago

I have a really hard time in the kitchen. I have ADHD and all of the things that tie into that make cooking a big challenge for me, BUT I successfully made the bonito mac and cheese and the cornbread. I am really proud of myself. Josh's food content is so freaking enjoyable and inspiring that it got my butt in the kitchen and gave me a success story to build up my capacity to say, "maybe I can do this".

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