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278,086,676 Views • Premiered Oct 13, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
The Amazing Digital Circus is a psychological dark comedy about cute cartoon characters who hate their lives and want to leave 🎪😀
Created by @Gooseworx and the GLITCH team

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Views : 278,086,676
Genre: Film & Animation
Date of upload: Premiered Oct 13, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.924 (110,700/5,686,800 LTDR)
RYD date created : 2024-03-01T21:01:50.078014Z
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 months ago

GLITCH'S NEXT SHOW IS HERE! We really hope you all enjoyed it. Our little indie team and the amazing Gooseworx put a lot of love and effort into making this ♥AS WE ALWAYS WILL!
We'd like to do a full season and are currently seeking funding! You can help support us by getting some merch ►
No pressure though, hope you have a great day! 💙

186K |


4 months ago

Absolutely loved it! Amazing animation and designs, bravo! Fun cast of characters too.
I hope we get a lot more!

154K |


4 months ago

Pomni discovers she can’t swear, tried literally every swear. She immediately asks to leave because she can’t swear. Her priorities are in order.

116K |


1 day ago

at first I was a little off-put by this show bc of the fandom but im finally watching it and the smooth animation and absolute GOLD that is Caine's delivery on everything has me sold.

131 |


1 day ago

I just realized,Jax is actually a good guy,he literally just said the truth to Pomni at the start while everyone else was hiding the truth,and he said he put a centipede in ragatha’s room so she would forget the circus and not go crazy,and at 13:37 I could hear a roar,so I guess Jax heard it too and that’s why he threw the bowling ball at gangle and Kinger,so they wouldn’t get hurt by Abstracted Kafmuo.

194 |


4 months ago

It's been a blast so far being the lead animator on this show, and I'm so honored to work with such a talented team! We put so much love into bringing these characters to life. Hope you all enjoyed the pilot!

20K |


4 months ago

Something I don’t see people talking a lot about is how interesting Pomni and Ragatha’s relationship is/has the potential to be. They start out in a classic mentor/mentee relationship with Ragatha taking Pomni under her wing, but whenever she needs help, Pomni abandons her. When she’s fixed at the end, we see her go back over to Pomni, like she still wants to be that mentor figure, but it’s more tense and you can tell that she does feel betrayed.

This is an interesting subversion of this trope, and it could lead to them having a very complicated relationship, especially if this is a pattern of behavior for Pomni. Maybe Ragatha continues to be a reluctant mentor until Pomni redeems herself, or maybe it turns into a flat out rivalry. Lots of unique character interactions in store, either way!

Wonderful episode, can’t wait to see more!

641 |


2 days ago

A dublagem brasileira ficou estupenda! Fiquei maravilhado, de verdade. A interpretação dos dubladores ficou à altura da aflição, do sarcasmo e demais expressões das personagens. :)

41 |


1 day ago

24:30 Without a doubt, one of The Beatles' best live performances

10 |


4 months ago

Ive watchd the section from 23:52 on loop for over 20 times now... I dont know why this empty and horrified look on her face combined with the epic orchestral music that just drowns out all conversation around her and her internally realizing that she is in actual hell which she can never escape and that this is her life now forever is so intriguing to me. I cannot stop watching this scene even tho it fills me with existential dread.........

526 |


4 months ago

I think Pomni is going through the 5 stages of grief throughout the whole story.

Denial: She starts with Denial. She's in shock and is in full panic mode, and before she completely melts down, she convinces herself this is all a bad dream.

Anger: She isn't angry per se, but she's anxious and frustrated. She's in a new world where nothing makes sense, she dissociates in from of Raggatha and Jax, and has difficulty staying present.

Bargaining: She wants to visit Kaufmo in the hopes that he knows where the exit is. She wants to learn more from what he may know so she can leave. While the others know it's a dead end, she's desperate for answers.

Depression: The threshold is when she sees her reflection. It's her first time seeing her new appearance and while it's not shocking, it makes her feel overwhelmed. Then she finds the exit and goes through only to find an endless maze of doors through Backroom-like hallways and offices. Here is where she finally realizes it's hopeless and gives into depression and helplessness. Even after she is saved by Caine in the Void, she doesn't say a single word for the rest of the episode because she has lost all hope.

Acceptance: Then there is the final scene. Pomni is still quiet, staring blankly while everyone else is moving on with their day, and she slowly cracks a creepy, grim smile. Because she has come to terms that this is her life now. There is no more order, no more safety, there is only the Circus and the only way to survive and keep living is just to accept it and move on like everyone else seems to have.

286 |


1 day ago

Holy heck, this is a bazillion times better on the second watch. I think the hype and all the different expectations I'd picked up ruined it for me the first time. This is amazing!

Someone pointed out in the Sarcstic Chorus video's comment section that it's weird that Pomni knows something is wrong right away, because if she put on a VR headset then she should think that's all the digital circus is for a moment. Sure, she'd realize otherwise the second she bumped into something, but they're right - and that has me wondering if maybe the headset had nothing to do with virtual reality at all? Maybe it's a red herring? Or maybe it was a VR headset, but the game she was playing had nothing to do with the digital circus? And the fact that the old computer exists both in the exit corridor Pomni finds and in the implied outside of the digital world - does that mean that Caine exists in both the digital circus and in reality? Oh, stars, Caine - I have so many questions about Caine.

And I really want to see Kinger with a shotgun! That sounds hilarious!

7 |


2 days ago

Isso tá incrível!em quatro meses uma animação crescer tão rápido é algo muito raro!

11 |


4 months ago

I really enjoyed Caine's vocal expressions lmfao.

That "Why are you like this" and "YOU PARASITE" was top tier delivery.

8.5K |


4 months ago

21:33 Kids gaining consciousness at 3-4 years old:

1.1K |


2 days ago

Dla wszystkich osób które obejrzały to z polskim dubbingiem to chciałem tylko powiedzieć z spodoba mi się jak Caine mówi ,,TY DARMOZJADZIE!!!''

13 |


1 day ago

I have to say, this is absolutely AMAZING! 💯 I’m excited to see the other episodes once they come out!

11 |


4 months ago

Spoilers and Analysis:
"I do have to apologize for lying about the exit. I knew how much all of you have been wanting there to be one, but, you know, I was having so much trouble figuring out what to put on the other side..."

That line is terrifying on so many levels, and I love it.
It's spoken like a parent apologizing to their kids on Christmas, "I'm sorry I didn't get you the toy you wanted, I tried to make something like what you described, but nothing seemed right." As for why this is terrifying, it's because of what the failed item is: The Exit. A way out. Something to send them back to the real world. This is a concept that all of us know and understand, but Caine (the de facto ruler of this reality) _doesn't_. No, to him, an exit has to have something on the other side, something that he would be the one to build.

It invites the question of what other human concepts does Caine not understand, and what potentially horrifying things he's implementing as his "best guess"?

968 |


4 months ago

10:27 The “Kubrick Stare" is one of director Stanley Kubrick's most recognizable directorial techniques. A method of shot composition where a character stares at the camera with a forward tilt, to convey to the audience that they are at the peak of their derangement.

990 |


1 day ago

This is perfect. I couldn’t be more excited for more of something. I’m not exaggerating.

5 |

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