“Come Apart,” the new song from Fazerdaze, out now on section1. Listen here:

Visualiser by Joey Clough
Song produced by Amelia Murray

Made with the support of NZ On Air

I saw something in your eye when you looked at me
I get a little bit uptight what this could be
now I’m trying to figure out what you were thinking
now I’m figuring it out, it starts to sink in

wait a minute, wait a minute
wait a minute, wait a minute,
wait a minute, wait a minute,
wait a minute (wait!)
we grow apart, we fall apart, we break apart
it’s just the start of us coming apart

why do you, when I try to speak, yeah why do you talk over me
I'm fed up of skirting around the truth when you look right through me

wait a minute just admit it take a minute to commit to a decision
can we give in and admit this
that we’ve grown apart, we’re falling apart, don’t make this hard
it's just the start of us coming apart

apart at the seams, pull apart at our dream
you were part of me now we break apart

I saw nothing in your eyes when you looked at me
i’ve known this for a while you and me it aint working
So take a minute, admit it, lets commit to it
it’s a decision and we can get used to it

cos we grow apart, we fall apart, we break apart
I know it’s hard
we’re coming apart


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Amelia Rahayu Murray, better known under her stage name Fazerdaze, is a New Zealand singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

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New era. We've missed you. Feels so good to have you back.

4 months ago - 337 Likes


Summer 2017 was a special time for me, and really started the change of my life as a whole. I was listening to a lot of Fazerdaze during that time - it makes my heart incredibly warm that you are back again 5 years later during another period of big change in my life. It feels very poetic and right. Thank you for making music I luv u

4 months ago - 105 Likes


Happy you're back, Fazer. With such a nice song too. You can definitely feel that the time gone hasn't been wasted. There's a new grit, your voice always unmistakably yours but more mature and self assured. Congratulations!

4 months ago - 98 Likes


This is so exciting! I was sure she had retired. Can’t wait for a whole album like this.

4 months ago - 45 Likes


Been waiting for a new release since 2017.

This song will be looping in my brain now :)

4 months ago - 48 Likes


Welcome back! First time I discovered you I just finished high school. Last time I heard from you I just started my first year in university. And now I just started working as a proper adult. It’s nice to hear from you every time I’m starting a new chapter in my life. I’ve missed you :)

4 months ago - 20 Likes


Morningside is one of my favorite albums. So happy you're back! 💙

4 months ago - 56 Likes


Great Song Amelia. Love the arrangement and the Lyrics . Your voice is great as always. Love it!

4 months ago - 33 Likes


She came back when the world needed her the most ❤

4 months ago - 17 Likes


como cuando te despiertas siendo la mejor artista musical que existe

4 months ago - 23 Likes


Ella tiene mucho talento y gran voz

4 months ago - 2 Likes


There's something in this song that makes it sounds so 2000's and I can't stop liking it.

4 months ago - 8 Likes


YES! I'm so happy to have you back! Wasn't sure there would be more Fazerdaze! Surprise 2022 gift to us all!

1 month ago - 3 Likes


This song is sooooo good, every songs a hit!

4 months ago - 3 Likes


So happy to have new music from you! This sounds new and familiar at the same time. Hitting nostalgia vibes on the first listen. Pure Fazerdaze essence.

4 months ago - 18 Likes


Good to hear their return. Glad to have been permitted hearing this group.

“Great to think such a small outfit from such a distant location can be appreciatively heard by the likes of me.” 🦋

1 month ago - 0 Likes


I just know I will return to this song in difficult times. Hopefully it will take some time until then.

1 month ago - 3 Likes


Oh God! We've missed you so much Faze. Such an Awesome song!

4 months ago - 7 Likes


I remember blasting morningside the entirety of Summer 2017 while I was on vacation. I can’t believe i get to do the same this summer with a new song (hopefully songs)

4 months ago - 17 Likes


No one Amelia has your sound! Your song writing is unique and melodic. Awesome video too! Glad your back, don’t leave again! I wore out the digital grooves of all your past songs listening to them so often.

4 months ago - 4 Likes