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God I wish somebody would told me when I was younger
That all bodies aren’t the same
Photoshop, itty bitty models on magazine covers
Told me I was overweight
I stopped eating what a bummer
Can’t have carbs and a hot girl summer
If I could go back and tell myself when I was younger
I’d say, psst

I know Victoria’s Secret
Girl you wouldn’t believe
She’s an old man who lives in Ohio
Making money off of girls like me

Cashing in on body issues
Selling skin and bones with big boobs

I know Victoria’s Secret
She was made up by a dude

I wish somebody would have told me that thighs of thunder
Meant normal human thighs
The fucking pressure I was under
To lose my appetite
And fight the cellulite
With Hunger Games like every night
If I could go back and tell myself when I was younger
I’d say psst—

I know Victoria’s Secret
Girl you wouldn’t believe
She’s an old man who lives in Ohio
Making money off of girls like me

Cashing in on body issues
Selling skin and bones with big boobs

I know Victoria’s Secret
She was made up by a dude

I know Victoria’s Secret…
She was never made for me and you

Raised in New Jersey by way of New York, Jax got her start by performing a wide variety of genres and in bands growing up. At the age of 18, she developed cancer above her vocal cords, which returned following a couple months of remission right as she relocated to Los Angeles in pursuit of her music. Left unable to sing herself, Jax turned to songwriting for others and found industry success behind-the-scenes. As her ability to perform returned, Jax needed to pivot yet again when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. This time she turned to TikTok, posting a hilarious response to the pop gem “Stacy’s Mom” from “Stacy’s Mom’s Perspective” which exploded with nearly 9 million views in just a few months and follow-ups including “Update from Avril Lavigne & Sk8er Boi 18 years later.” She continued to go viral a dozen or more times over, having now amassed over 9.7 million followers on the platform and over 155 million “likes” to date. With a massive online audience under her belt, Jax began sharing her own original music in late 2020 to an overwhelmingly positive response – ultimately leading to her signing with Atlantic Records for her forthcoming debut full-length.

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I’ve worked at VS for 5 years now. The amount of customers that I’ve comforted while they’ve cried in the fitting rooms because they “hate their bodies” is absolutely heart breaking. I’ve seen every body type in those fitting rooms, not a single one is “perfect” and that’s how it should be! Perfect isn’t real. Even the ones who have had surgeries still aren’t even 100% perfect. No one has two breast that are the exact same size, I always tell my customers i have one that’s a DD & one that’s a DDD to make them realize someone else has this too. Almost everyone deals with the extra skin that sometimes hangs over the band, if it’s a drastic amount hanging over then you’re probably just in the wrong band size, but it’s not possible to not really have that happen at all. People think they’re the only ones that deal with this but it’s actually rare for them not to have these things.
People underestimate my job a lot but 90% of women are in the wrong bra size because if you think about it, no one really teaches us exactly how a bra should look. One bra isn’t gonna fit every body shape. That’s why there’s so many different cuts and styles. Unfortunately there are some VS stores that have shitty rude associates that put others down or don’t know what body/breast shape will work best with what bra, but I refuse to ever let myself be one of those, & I will forever call out an associate if I catch them being rude. There really isn’t anything more satisfying than seeing someone grow so much more confident once we figure out their true size, or getting a little girl in her first bra, or getting someone who just transitioned from male to female in their first bra!
Hopefully the company will continue to get larger band sizes & underwear. They’re slowly working their way up with having XXL clothing & panties in PINK & giving us actual models and mannequins that look like normal bodies, but they need to move faster & continue to be better not just stop where they’re at right now

• your breast tissue should never be overflowing out of your bra cups! Lots of people think spilling out is “push up” but it’s not. You’re just the wrong cup size. You will get more lift being in a push up and being in the correct size!

• you should never have a bunch of space and be gapping in your cups either! Like I said above, everyone has two different breast sizes, some might be more drastic than others, when this is the case, you’re gonna want to cater to your bigger breast!
Example: My left boob is a DDD & my right is a DD so I cater to my left boob & wear a 32DDD because you’d rather gap in the smaller one than wear a DD & spill over in your bigger one. Spilling will show through shirts! So in this case, gapping is okay! But if you have space in BOTH cups, that means the cup size you’re wearing is just too big. (Or sometimes if your bra is super old and stretched, it will gap because it’s loose everywhere)

• Always hook your bra on the LOOSEST hook. Most people go straight to the tightest but you actually want to be on the loosest because as your bra stretches over time, THATS when you start tightening it to make it feel new again. Once you’re on the tightest hook & it’s stretched and you have no where else to go, it’s time for a new bra.

• measuring is just an estimate, it mainly gives us a place to start. Sometimes certain body shapes can throw off a measurement, or if you’re wearing something with excessive padding or something that’s compressing like a sports bra, so when you get measured, TRY YOUR BRA ON & look for these things! (& for the fitting room girls sake, please just try one bra first to double check your size & thennn go get a bunch of bras once you’ve confirmed it)
• adjust your straps to be comfortable! If they’re too tight, it could make the cups tight which will make you overflow & lead you to think you’re in the wrong cup size, when really, all you have to do is loosing the straps on your shoulders.
Same goes for them being too loose, it can cause gapping, so adjust them to fit perfectly!

• if you can barely fit 3 fingers between your back & the band of the bra going outward (I hope that makes sense) then the band is too small!
If you can fit 3 fingers perfectly then it’s a good band size!
If you can fit a whole 5 fingers back there, OR if you’re hooking it on the tightest hook then your band is too loose!

This is getting super long so if you guys have specific bra fit issues that you have questions about, leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to recommend what types of bra you should go for or try to explain why you’re having an issue! (Ex: spilling from the sides, top, or bottom cleavage area of the bra. Gapping from the top of the bra but your breast fit perfect at the bottom & still fill out the bottom of the bra, the center gore (in between part of each cup) doesn’t lay flat on your chest like it should, etc)

~ Edit: All of these comments have made me so happy! 😭 sometimes when I type things I just end up deleting it cause I figure no one cares or will resonate with it, but I'm so glad I posted my thoughts and feelings on this 🥺
Thank you everyone who has expressed their own personal journeys below & who will possibly continue to comment below this! Our words, actions & personal experiences can make more of an impact than we realize! Keep fighting for what’s right ❤️

5 months ago - 2.1K Likes


I love the rock vibe. The metal version is great too.

2 days ago - 2 Likes


This song is fun as hell... Nice vocal n good music... Keep it up 👍👍👍✌️✌️☮️

3 days ago - 2 Likes


I love it

3 days ago - 2 Likes


The last line is SO telling. "I know Victoria's Secret! She's not made for me and YOU!" As a proud father, I watched my daughter got through the horrible stresses that teens go through. But now she's a happy, healthy and confident young woman. NOW we can laugh at this song together, although it also dredges up some painful memories! Thank you Jax, for FIANALLY saying what has needed to be said for ALL these years! :)

2 months ago - 194 Likes


Love it. It help me fell more happy about my body!

9 hours ago - 0 Likes


She's a phenomenal songwriter. She puts so much heart into her vocal melodies. We are witnessing the self making of a superstar.

5 months ago - 3.2K Likes


“I wish that someone told me that thighs of thunder, meant normal human thighs” as someone who was told by her own mother that I had “thunder thighs”, which gave me a complex for a decade, this is awesome!!!

3 months ago - 480 Likes


The fact she wrote this song for the kid she babysits is so wholesome

3 months ago - 23 Likes


I was anorexic for years. The pressure of being skinny was overwhelming. I am a heavier girl now, and I love myself more now then I did then. I relate to your song so much. Thank you for this song. I hope girls that are going through this see this song.

2 months ago - 44 Likes


I love the photoshop exaggeration and the song of course. I’m not really the target demographic since I’m a dude but I wish more girls would see this. So many are beautiful and think they’re ugly. Girls, true beauty is on the inside. Love yourself ❤️

4 months ago - 400 Likes


Really nailed the very late 90s to early-mid 2000s pop alternative vibe, love it!

2 months ago - 38 Likes


Omg I’m so glad to get the full version. This song should be everywhere. It’s such an inspiration for young girls everywhere ❤️❤️

5 months ago - 5K Likes


I can't stop singing this! This is such an inspiration to a 12 year old like me in 7th grade with all of the beauty standards. This just tells me to love myself and not care what others think! :)

4 months ago - 260 Likes


I'm a 40 year old guy and this song is super awesome! Absolutely hilarious, super catchy, and brings out a really good point! Keep up the awesome work girl! ❤

3 months ago - 106 Likes


I'm a guy, and honestly this hits home for me too, thank you for this song! If I could only tell my younger self to stop hating himself for being so big. I hope young guys hear this too and realize they don't have to look like sports illustrated.

2 months ago - 21 Likes


This song gives me such a confidence boost everytime I hear it, makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. I was singing it the other day, and my daughter overheard. She said the song makes her feel happy and love herself more. Thank you for being so inspirational.

3 months ago - 35 Likes


The lyrics in this song are so amazing. I hope it reaches the masses that need to hear it. Good job Jax 💕💕💕

2 months ago - 25 Likes


I'm crying this is so important for everyone who is struggling with body issues. Thank you so much Jax this song is just what me and so many other people needed

5 months ago - 1.1K Likes


I've been following Jax on TikTok for at least 1.5 years. I just love her! This song is her best work ever and she deserves the recognition. Thank you, Jax for standing up for and with other women!

3 months ago - 8 Likes