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SAG Awards 2024: Top Moments You Can't Miss! |⭐ OSSA
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206,341 Views • Feb 25, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
The 30th Screen Actors Guild Awards were a blast, packed with memorable moments! From epic reunions to surprising reactions, it was a night to remember. And let's not forget Pedro Pascal, who added his own unique vibe to the mix!

This year's SAG Awards were live on Netflix, with no commercials, and boy, did things get wild! Meryl Streep nearly took a spill, but Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway saved the day, giving us a reunion straight out of "The Devil Wears Prada"!

The event was star-studded, with appearances from "The Gilded Age" and "Modern Family" casts. And who could miss the "Lord of the Rings" reunion or the "Breaking Bad" presentation?

Of course, the winners stole the show, from Pedro Pascal's chill vibe to Elizabeth Debicki's shock. Oppenheimer, The Bear, and Succession received main ensemble awards. And Barbra Streisand's special award was a touching moment. It wasn't just about the trophies; it was about celebrating each other's talents. Watch OSSA channel for more on the SAG Awards 2024!

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 months ago

Pedro Pascal at his finest . “ BRAVO !” Pedro you deserved it.

15 |


4 months ago

Barbra Streisand was the highlight of the evening. She's a living legend. I think the audience's tears were due to how much Barbra has paved the way for her fellow actors and the fact that we need to appreciate every moment we have her gracing our presence.

26 |


4 months ago

Barbra Streisand's award acceptance, her speech and the audience applause - my favorite moment this evening. Made me tear up - she's come a long way from 60 years ago and her story is beautiful. Oh Im such a yentil now.

28 |


4 months ago

Jeremy White totally deserves it for his performance in the bear. He's good at making the audience feel his stress😂

15 |


4 months ago

Love everything about it! Barbra deserves the most wonderful things in life because of what she means and represents to many of us. She is one of a kind lady, artist, and person. I have always loved, admired, and respected her. Wonderful speech. Infinite blessings...

7 |


4 months ago

Streisand was the real deal, what a living Legend she is🤩😘

21 |


4 months ago

I love Pedro pascal ❤

14 |


4 months ago

Barbra Streisand, agree she is a living legend. Reading her book now and learning how bad the media was to her and the movie critics. Fans loved her movies, but the critics were awful to her. She has fought a hard battle for women today!!!

6 |


4 months ago

Barbra Streisand is a true diamond in the Hollywood sky…. She lights my heart when I see her or hear her voice every time!!! Thank you Barbra! Love love love you!!❤️

5 |


4 months ago

We love her! Bravo Barbara thanks for your legacy and for always being a PROUD JEW!!

11 |


4 months ago

Barbra Streisand is a National Treasure! No one else like her in the world. The last of old Hollywood. Simply the BEST!!!

70 |


4 months ago

I always loved Barbra Streisand & always will xoxo

9 |


4 months ago

Love you Barbara Streisand you are a true blessing and wonderful talent.

18 |


4 months ago

Pedro the best Pedro América te ama ❤ ❤‍🔥

8 |


4 months ago

I can't believe Tom Hiddleston was not nominated for Loki. It is probably the best thing in Disney +.

7 |


4 months ago

the absolute best video...I cried...with my 2 Mini Schnauzers...

5 |


4 months ago

Next time have the SAG awards on prime time for all!!

1 |


4 months ago

No one is a better candidate than Barbra Streisand for lifetime achievement award. She truly is the greatest of all time. One of our greatest actresses, director, and singers.

2 |


4 months ago

That was a big party. I wish all much success and happiness ❤🎉

12 |


4 months ago

The cerulean dress with the belt 💙💙💙

4 |

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