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Hermitcraft 10 - Episode 4: I am so sorry
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420,229 Views • Feb 12, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 10 - Episode 4: I am so sorry - Iskall invites both Welsknight and Grian over to help with his base, Mumbo invites himself...

► Behind The Scenes Hermitcraft: @vodskall85

► Hermitcraft 10 Seed: 5103687417315433447

Iskall use Complimentary Shaders with the Iris mod! Get iskalls settings and more information in my discord:

The Ministry of Ministers includes:

Miniser of Maps - @Vintagebeef
Minister of Steel - @Hypnotizd
Minister of Hell - @Iskall85
Minister of Foodage - @Stressmonster101
Minister of Transport - @falsesymmetry
Minister of Idiots - @xisumavoid
Minister of Trash - @zombiecleo

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Views : 420,229
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Feb 12, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

This might be my favorite Grian bit to date. He appears, nearly throws up when just seeing the house, without hesitation steals anything valuable when being prompted and leaves while still trying not to throw up.

2.8K |


2 weeks ago

I read the title and was like "wow I wonder what he's sorry about?"
Iskall, instantly: "I have to kill somebody"

3.7K |


2 weeks ago

Iskall getting that mending book at the end is such karma for Grian taking all the resources lmao.

781 |


2 weeks ago

FACT 90% of fishers stop only one cast away from a mending book

1.8K |


2 weeks ago

Iskall you are DIABOLICAL for that “off camera voice”

2.7K |


2 weeks ago

My first time ever seeing Wels, and he was lied to and murdered. lol
You hate to see it

2.3K |


2 weeks ago

22:55 Grian, Fishing, and Mending can now officially become a meme

1K |


2 weeks ago

grian has really taking the "slowing down" approach to heart and perfected it to the point that everyone else joins him i love it

471 |


2 weeks ago

7:13 "Strip the flesh, salt the wound" - Iskall85, 2024

2K |


2 weeks ago

Mumbos pov running around placing blocks while he distracted you with innocent questions was hilarious! His counter got up to 25 blocks placed lol

1.1K |


2 weeks ago

> "Keep it real"
> Keeps in off-camera talk, but cuts out the part where he promised 3 times not to kill

2.4K |


2 weeks ago

Iskall's "off-camera voice" trick is really quite brilliant, the fact that Iskall immediately caught onto Beef lowering his guard when he stopped using his "on-camera voice" is impressive. And then using it in an attempt to lower Welsknight's guard for a trap is such a great move.
(If I'm referencing a video you haven't seen, Iskall posts a lot of behind the scenes stuff on Vodskall85. Its more or less just more Iskall content with the same shenanigans we've come to expect from his normal videos.)

688 |


2 weeks ago

ISKALL GOT THE MENDING BOOK?! Uh oh, Grian isn't going to like that...

146 |


2 weeks ago

Grian is a mad lad this season. He was too ready with that YES as soon as Wels died. I think it all started with that dash to see who would own cherry mountain in ep1.

282 |


2 weeks ago


Wonder what thats about.😅

184 |


2 weeks ago

all we learned is that we should be glad Iskall never died in Season 6 demise, because his psychological warfare is diabolical

235 |


2 weeks ago

I gotta say im really enjoying these little glimpses into off camera HermitCraft both in your HermitCraft vids and the stuff you're posting to Vodskall.

891 |


2 weeks ago

Grian taking all of the valuable blocks out of the house is hilarious and totally in character.

177 |


2 weeks ago

Iskall: "You are the last person to interact with this thing."




193 |


2 weeks ago

The winning prize of Demise is probably a bounty chest or something. Wels said "Imagine how much diamonds I would've gotten though if I...".

354 |

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