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What if LeBron and Kobe Played Together?
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518,691 Views • Premiered Nov 19, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
What if LeBron and Kobe Bryant were teammates? How many championships would they win? And most importantly, who will stand alone as the Greatest of All Time? Its LeBron vs Kobe Bryant, but with a twist.
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Views : 518,691
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Comments - 982

Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

Am I the only one that got jump scared by the pass at the start of the video

698 |


2 weeks ago

the fact they won 15 rings is amazing in itself and tbh, that probably wouldve been the case if they played together, maybe not 15 but definitely 7-8

191 |


2 weeks ago

Let appreciate how much Med does for us and how long these videos take

228 |


2 weeks ago

-Put Kyrie's career in reverse
-Put Kobe and Steph in the NBA draft
-What if Jordan and Steph played together
-What if Jordan and Kobe played together
-What if Steph and Kobe played together
-What if LeBron never left the Cavs?

EDIT:CP3's career in reverse
-Harden's Career in reverse
-Put Every NBA superteam in the same era
-What if D Rose stayed on the Bulls(and never got injured)
-Put LeBron on the Knicks to see if he can change the franchise (with Melo and D Rose)

What if Med was in the NBA

455 |


1 week ago

I love how during the final season of LeBron and Kobe's 1st stint in Cleveland, Kobe and Shaq are teammates again

142 |


2 weeks ago

Sheesh Med with some quality content as always! Can you do a What If Tim Duncan and Wemby played together?

73 |


2 weeks ago

Aint no fucking way you just hit us with a goddamn cliff hanger 😭😭😭😭

666 |


2 weeks ago

Crazy to say that if these 2 really played together everything in the vid was possible. LBJ just really needed a dominant 1A 1B and Kobe just really need a passer and a dominant paint guy.

16 |


1 week ago

😂😂😂 I love what you did for the ending. I still felt Kobe got that on lock though. 15 Chips together is tough!!!

18 |


5 days ago

Awesome videos man!! It would be great if you could do a summary of their career at the end showing total career points, rebound, assists, mvps, fmvps, and stuff like that. But still, great content!! keep it up

0 |


2 weeks ago

People underestimate how much Med does, I’ve attempted to do something similar to this, and it takes so long, and depending on the players, boring or just mid

96 |


2 weeks ago

Keep killing it bro 🔥

278 |


2 weeks ago

15 rings is crazy also I think it's Kobe since he did so much in the team helping the team at offense

152 |


1 week ago

I truly belive that if Kobe played in the modern NBA he would be an elite three point shooter because of his work ethic

14 |


4 days ago

I was sure that I would skip through a lot of this video, but couldn't have been more wrong. Well done!

CP3 with Kobe would be an interesting what if, because it almost happened. I often think that Kobe would have peaked for longer with some real help over those dark years. He really threw his body into it and I will never forgive Jalen Rose for stepping under under his landing.

0 |


4 days ago

I honestly think it would be pretty successful because it wouldn’t be a situation of “whose team it is” Kobe would be the man and LeBron I think is more comfortable being the number two guy anyway. I think having everything on his shoulders gets to him at times. And I ultimately think LeBron would actually be even better than he is today if he spent a few years on the same team as Kobe. That killer instinct that he really got a handle on because he traded in learning that for just stacking the deck in his favor, ridiculously to the point to where it was a fluke if he didn’t win a championship.

0 |


2 weeks ago


17 |


1 week ago

I don't think they ever leave Cleveland if they played together. They definitely wouldn't leave together. Things would have been completely different.

0 |


2 weeks ago

You put time and effort into your vids bro great content🙏🏾‼️‼️

1 |


2 weeks ago

What if Steph,Kobe, and LeBron played together 😮

47 |

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