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Gears of War: E-Day | Official Announce Trailer (In-Engine) - Xbox Games Showcase 2024
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1,329,215 Views • Jun 9, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


5 days ago

the fact they did this instead of gears 6 was so unexpected but so welcomed

11K |


5 days ago

Me after seeing dom 😢😢😢

11K |


3 days ago

I was there at 13yrs old. I'm 31 now. Glad I am to have witness this long awaited Emergence Day prequel return of Gears of War!!!

1.3K |


4 days ago

The fact that E-Day started by the time another war was over makes this even saddenig. The soldiers who came back, finally reunited with their families and friends outside the army only to enter into another war just makes this even more heartbreaking.

791 |


5 days ago

The mad world music motif when Dom catches Marcus hits hard.

4.5K |


5 days ago

And they went back to "Gears of War" rather than just "Gears" too

7.9K |


2 days ago

That locust fumbled the bag for his entire race

211 |


3 days ago

my best friend didnt get to live to see this... rest in peace brother...

632 |


4 days ago

Man, we’re probably going to truly meet Maria for the first time

2.4K |


4 days ago

You know what’s gonna be depressing…Dom’s family during this.

2.1K |


3 days ago

I really like how this also reflects the state of the franchise: It's taken hits and has struggled. But when Dom helps Marcus back on his feet, Gears of War regained it's footing as well

447 |


3 days ago

I'll never forget you my gear brothers . RIP Williams and Daniel . You would of love this game if both of you were alive here. You will always be my brothers .

156 |


5 days ago

Gears of War's very own Halo Reach moment. We'll be there.

1.4K |


5 days ago

My older brother introduced me to the original Gears of War. Me and him played every game together. He died 6 months ago. He would've loved to see this one...

2.8K |


3 days ago

If i remember correctly almost one third of Sera's population was slaughtered the days following e-day. This game has the potential to be so dark.

98 |


3 days ago

I reeally hope they bring the game back to it's roots. Dark, scary, gritty, and honestly often sad. Gears 1 and 2 were master class and I loved them so much growing up.

65 |


5 days ago

the feeling i havent felt since gears 3 feels actually surreal.. impossible

2.9K |


5 days ago

And it has Gears Of War not just gears. Finally.

4.2K |


2 days ago

Seeing Dom flooded me with soo many emotions and memories that made me realize how much I never got over Dom’s sacrifice.

33 |


2 days ago

Started playing this game when I was 5… I’m 20 now and hyped af!!!

15 |

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