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Marvel Rivals | Official Announcement Trailer
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2,617,989 Views • Mar 27, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Introducing Marvel Rivals, the premier Super Hero Team-based PVP

Assemble your favorite Marvel characters and engage in 6v6 battles,
utilizing brand-new Team-Up Skills in destructible locations from across
the Marvel Multiverse!

The Closed Alpha test is coming this May!

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Views : 2,617,989
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Mar 27, 2024 ^^

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YouTube Comments - 10K Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 weeks ago

When the hero shooter is actually a hero shooter

15K |


3 weeks ago

I would like to imagine our screen being black when we play as Daredevil

8.6K |


8 days ago

Jeff is secretly working on this project hired my marvel.

63 |


2 weeks ago

If deadpool doesnt have a trolling ult, i will cry. 🥺😭

28 |


3 weeks ago

I didn't see Drax in this trailer, which means he must've been using his passive ability where he stands very still and goes invisible.

4K |


3 weeks ago

I need healing ❌
I am Groot ✅

2.6K |


12 days ago (edited)

0:42 gotta love Spiderman's Officer Earl run

31 |


2 weeks ago

“Groot! Do something!”

18 |


3 weeks ago

I loved the part where Iron Man said "It's Nano Time" and nanoed all over the place

12K |


3 weeks ago

Props to them for actually putting gameplay in the announcement trailer, too many games tend to not do it.

4.1K |


7 days ago

Ultron would be sick ngl

21 |


12 days ago

Magik is a headliner in a lotta Marvel stuff nowadays and that's pretty dope

11 |


3 weeks ago

My only request is that they put Moon Knight, Deadpool and Taskmaster as soon as possible

3.9K |


2 weeks ago

I’m tired boss. Please be good.

402 |


2 weeks ago

I cannot believe they actually have Galacta.. Unpopular or not, they really have everyone as a nod to cater to all level of Marvel fans.. 🤔

9 |


11 days ago

I love that they used Loki to showcase Hulk's ultimate attack 🤣🤣🤣

6 |


3 weeks ago

I can't wait to hear all of Groot's different voice lines

1.3K |


3 weeks ago

I’m just happy Magik has been getting more attention recently

3K |


13 days ago

Star lord and storm are about to be Top Tier, easy. Magneto could be interesting as well with crowd control.

4 |


3 weeks ago

I can’t wait for the announcement that Spider-Man is only playable on the PlayStation 5

1.4K |

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