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I Finished The ENTIRE Menu Everywhere My Tesla Took Me for a Week
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2,682,076 Views • Jun 8, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Found out my tesla had a hungry button, this is what happened next..

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I'm Erik.
I specialize in high calorie food challenges. Whether it’s a massive 10,000 calorie burger, or it’s me attempting to eat the entire menu of a fast food restaurant. My goal is always to succeed in whatever food adventure I find myself in.
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


5 days ago

The European mind cannot comprehend these portion sizes

5.2K |


6 days ago

Cheekychapp99 is actually Noobmaster69 in an alternate universe.

4.6K |


1 day ago

with all this eating, the amount of exercise this man does to even stay in shape must be insanely incredible.

25 |


1 day ago

most genius Tesla write-off I have ever seen

20 |


5 days ago

Baba Kabob is singlehandedly negating shrinkflation - those portion sizes looked incredible!!!

2.1K |


6 days ago

He is finally back!

1.4K |


2 days ago

i been checking this channel every other day for like the last 3 months and im so glad erik finally dropped

93 |


16 hours ago

aaa i missed your vids sm erik!!! tbh i kinda also miss the old way of filming when you would talk to the camera more and share your workouts, but youre still my fav competitive eater ever❤❤

5 |


6 days ago

I swear this dude is a tank, he literally eats so much and still is up to do challenges like this and much more. major props!

1K |


1 day ago

Cheekychap giving “sent from my iphon” vibes 😂

1 |


1 day ago

That simple “bro” was wow

2 |


5 days ago

“Sauce from last night” had me DYING

242 |


5 days ago

the level of commitment for the challenges is INSANE

471 |


12 hours ago

Baba Kabob seriously looks SO yummy! If that was local to me, I would definitely try it! The mini pizza button-down shirt is so cute on you Erik!! Super fun video🍔💗😋

1 |


1 hour ago

21:15 That's because there are like 2 things on the menu at In & Out lmao



6 days ago

The way he absolutely loved the food on day 2 so much to just keep going... legendary

468 |


4 days ago

As a Greek hearing you say gyro correct is the same feeling of winning a 1v5 clutch

208 |


35 minutes ago

Bruh this guys editing skills are so fire lol super hilarious



2 days ago

I really love the creativity in this video Erik!

1 |


3 days ago

I don’t know what’s bigger, the stomach space this dude has or the balls it takes to even attempt this. Impressive sir!

548 |

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