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503,664 Views • Nov 1, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Over 3 hours of relaxing gameplay of the puzzle game 'Shut the Box'. In this ASMR video you will fall asleep to the tingles and sounds of the best game ever!

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ASMR is a tingling sensation that creates relaxation through auditory sounds, visuals and more. Click here to read more:

Binaural Whispering, Ear-to-Ear Whispering, Whispering, Tapping, Mouth Sounds, Tongue Clicking, Dice Sounds & More!

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Views : 503,664
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Nov 1, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

Apologies for the mistake at 24:37! Always happens at least once every Shut The Box video 😅 Hope you all still enjoy the 3h video 🫶🏼

229 |


3 months ago

The moment on 2:14:07 you threw a 8 and put a 7 down got me blinking manually😂

159 |


3 months ago

Its currently 3 AM and this video is 3 hours long. Probably not the best time to start watching but i cant resist a Dido Video

104 |


3 months ago

2:11:18 you got so lucky with the 8s! Great video

33 |


3 months ago

You have such a relaxing voice that this is my third attempt to watch this video long enough to understand the game before I fall asleep.

20 |


3 months ago

Time to shut me asleep

483 |


3 months ago

Every shut the box video is legendary.

30 |


3 months ago

YAY this is the game that made me subscribe to your channel around a year ago. No one compares to you when it comes to shut the box asmr.

5 |


3 months ago

1:00:20 there is a winning game!!!

15 |


3 months ago

Bro i fell in love with shut the box and have watched every single video like 10 times thank you for this💙

9 |


3 months ago

Perfectly timed upload, wanted to relax to a longer video tonight and here we are! 🤩

20 |


3 months ago

Any shut the box video is a good video! overcoming a sickness rn so this is perfect

6 |


3 months ago

A game so simple yet so great! Fantastic video

28 |


3 months ago

Thank you for posting this I LOVEE shut the box and it’s posted at the perfect time for my nap 😴

5 |


3 months ago

I never heard of this game until your last video and I loved it. It's inexplicably so relaxing. Thank you for making more!

12 |


3 months ago

I’ve never wanted to play a game more in my life thanks to you❤

3 |


2 months ago

I used to play this all the time as a kid the nostalgia 😭❤️

9 |


3 months ago

Omg 3 hours thank you 😊

10 |


1 month ago

The start where he started saying “heeeeeeyyyyyyy” it scared me so much 😅

3 |


3 months ago

Nice gotta love a Dido upload

9 |

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