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1,712,034 Views • Dec 3, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
The Cybertruck has arrived. Different than expected in many ways... but still a BEAST of a machine that I cant wait to get my hands on. As a truck owner myself, who drives an Electric Truck, I have a few thoughts about the Tesla delivory event. And I have a few opinions on how the Cybertruck will be able to handle being an actual truck... Check out the Electric Jetski factory here:    • How To Build an Electric Jet Ski (Wat...  

Check out Dans video on the delivory event HERE:    • Should I Buy a Cybertruck?  

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Views : 1,712,034
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 months ago

I am wondering if the Cybertruck will pass EU Regulations for Pedestrian Safety, it doesn't have the plastic bumpers and if someone is being hit by it, it's gonna be pretty bad.

5.6K |


2 months ago

The stats on the Cybertruck are inline with other electric vehicles, I'm more interested in seeing the Implementation. Crash tests, actual battery range, handling, and convenience.

139 |


2 months ago

I love the casual raising the question of where he got a cybertruck battery cell without addressing it and the misquote of Princess Bride. You're videos are the best Zack!😂

4 |


2 months ago

First time i hear the stainless doesn't "rust". Yes, it doesnt go brown and crunchy, but have many of its own problems. Shout out to anyone who worked with old stainless bolts without ceramic grease or which touched the normal steel and got stuck. I had to cut out many of the stainless bolts.

22 |


2 months ago

I'm curious about crash tests. I heard the designers say they removed internal structure because the exterior provided so much rigidity.. but there is a reason cars have stopped doing that: crumple zones and on the crash test I've seen it doesn't look like the front crumples properly in a direct frontal collision.

430 |


2 months ago

Your reviewer style is unique and feeling like a "future". Thanks a lot Zack. Good job as always for anything you're doing...

18 |


2 months ago

Who’s done more in the last 4 years? Zack in his family or Elon on Cybertruck?

1.6K |


2 months ago

Since I am currently driving a 24 year old S10 with 200k miles, it is probably going to be a while before I drive an EV, but it is still fascinating to see how far EV's have come, And yes, I want to see a Cybertruck durability tested.

122 |


2 months ago

It's fun to present "304 stainless" as "space grade material". It is a very common alloy: Most kitchen pans and food grade metal stuff is generally made out it (resists acidic food corrosion)

216 |


2 months ago

Never thought 304 stainless steel would be presented as a super material 😅

37 |


2 months ago

I enjoyed watching this video, and it makes me even more pleased to own a 2011 Ford Ranger 4x4 that's bought and paid for.

1 |


2 months ago

Can't wait for the cybertruck durability test and flame test.... or may be flame test is just for phone but anyway will be a fun video to watch. Thankyou Jerry for the awesome work and videos.

1 |


2 months ago

I think this is great news for people who get into firefights a lot or who need to take their truck into outer space.

2.6K |


2 months ago

I would like to say that while the rivian tries to help departure angle with the curve. Both the cybertrunk and the rivian have adjustable air suspension, if the cybertruck has automatic leveling I don't think that the range extender would hurt the departure angle to bad. If not, it also has almost 2 more inches of ground clearance than rivian stock.

11 |


2 months ago

Jerry is the one guy I will listen too about this truck. Critical but fair. And honest.

25 |


2 months ago

that precision welding table got hammered out of spec real quick 🤣

2 |


2 months ago

He admits he has not driven, sat in a production cybertruck yet and he says its on par with the lightning and rivian. 😂

6 |


2 months ago

These electric trucks are “miles ahead of their ice counterparts… unless you are a long haul trucker.” Well played! 😂

13 |


2 months ago

I wonder how long the main control screen can hold up under the lighter test

722 |


2 months ago

I was so confused when the video started playing in my native language. I didn't even know YouTube allowed multiple audio tracks. Very cool, man.


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