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Genre: People & Blogs
Upload date: Mar 28, 2022 ^^

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Honestly, these music video endings are going from strength to strength

8 months ago - 105 Likes

Abiel Ticas

I've found your channel recently, and it's been what I need. This song is fire, when will it be released as an NFT?

6 months ago - 50 Likes


lol this is so good, helping to raise awareness about smooth brains becoming hexagons.

8 months ago - 56 Likes

Treble Child

I really liked the aesthetic of this video looking forward to more content from you

8 months ago - 31 Likes


I rewatched it 3 times in a row, it was ICONIC 😭❤️‍🔥

8 months ago - 17 Likes

Juet Li

Your music is too good too powerful

8 months ago - 9 Likes


This song gets “stuck” in my head so often since I watched your video on Web3. It’s so good! So glam! So funny!

1 month ago - 0 Likes

Knutzen's Meats

Really dig your hour long videos and I like your musicality too🎸👌

8 months ago - 3 Likes

Denis Šebo

Just found your channel through your latest video and apart from the great content, you make some awesome music! To my spotify playlist it goes

5 months ago - 2 Likes

Sri ram Nimmala

The best one, perhaps 'cause it's so relatable to what's going on but also due to how you articulated it in a sarcastic way :)

8 months ago - 13 Likes

Mike Gutman

Your videos are so based, honestly one of the best youtubers I have found in a long time

4 months ago - 1 Likes

Leander van Rees

This song's great, the funny lyrics and the music itself both!

5 months ago - 0 Likes

Ignacio Fuentes

I saw the video some days ago and this song's been stuck in my head since then

7 months ago - 2 Likes


Magnifique! Love the aesthetic and lighting❤

7 months ago - 3 Likes


This is fantastic. I’d tip you, but something tells me you only accept globally recognized currency and not a handful of puka shells covered in Cheeto dust.

8 months ago - 32 Likes


This has been stuck in my head for days now

8 months ago - 6 Likes

Connie **

Simply brilliant. As in not so simply...but brilliant all the same! More please.

5 months ago - 1 Likes


I love this much ! I want gif sequences of it !!!

8 months ago - 1 Likes

Damaged Provider Module

You are amazing. Thank you for the content 🙏

8 months ago - 2 Likes


Man I really wish Munecat would release music that isn’t related to her essays. There’s nothing wrong with the songs at the end of her videos, I’d just like to hear something that doesn’t remind me the world is on fire.

4 months ago - 0 Likes