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Paris, France🇫🇷 - Paris Christmas Lights 2023 | Christmas Walk 4K | Paris 4K | A Walk In Paris
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2,934,301 Views • Nov 29, 2023 • Click to toggle off description

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Hello everyone !


Here i am walking around in Paris city center and making walking tour videos in Paris. In this video i walk around in Avenue Montaigne and avenue des Champs Elysées

Hope you will enjoy this walking tour.
Thank you for watching 🙏

Thank you for your support and please keep supporting the channel.I try to give you a better and quality videos

🎥FILMED ON 26/11/2023

The Christmas lights are a dazzling sight in Paris with illuminations in the streets and districts of the city.

Every year at this time, the Christmas lights in Paris are a major attraction for tourists and Parisians. Visitors come from all over the world to admire the streets of Paris decked out in magical colours for the festive season.

Luminous arches, multi-coloured bulbs, incandescent flames and sparkling projections of light splendidly deck out the avenues of the French capital.

More than ever, Paris lives up to its name ‘the 'City of Light'! From November to the beginning of January, the Christmas illuminations on the avenue des Champs-Elysées, on avenue Montaigne.

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


7 months ago

Merry Christmas for all whom have faith in Jesus chris.🎅🎅🌲🎄

238 |


7 months ago

Love this video! Paris at night with Christmas lights is so magical.

17 |


7 months ago

Paris, the city with incomparable charm 🥰 And with all the Christmas lights, it is simply even more enchanting ⭐🎄⭐ Thank you for these breathtaking impressions 👍🤗 Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭🙋‍♂

86 |


7 months ago

Люблю Париж и французов, прелестно ! Счастливого Рождества всем людям ! 🎄🎄🎄

27 |


6 months ago

2 million views in just 3 weeks, I am not surprised, because the video of Paris city lights is just amazing. The entire city is decorated with lights and that brings joy to every street-walker.

9 |


7 months ago

Wow , It's so beautiful Paris Christmas Lights .

8 |


7 months ago

Paris it self is a dream. But with all of the christmas lights, it's way beyond beautiful 😍😍😍🥰 J'aime Paris ❤

16 |


7 months ago

A beautiful video of a beautiful city. Thank you.❤❤🙏

8 |


7 months ago

Everything looks so beautiful... Paris is really nice

9 |


6 months ago

I am from India. I am Hindu but I love Christianity and it's teaching.Hope to travel Paris one day.

29 |


7 months ago

The Christmas landscape in Paris is beautiful.

17 |


7 months ago


7 |


7 months ago

Will never get tired of Paris, been there several times and still my favorite city to visit. Thanks for the beautiful Christmas video of the street of Paris leading to Champs Elysées.. Viva la France 🇫🇷

42 |


7 months ago

Precioso París, la ciudad del amor y la navidad🥰🥰

13 |


7 months ago

You know when one cannot travel...how blissful is it to have suchvideos available...they fill up such a void in the heart..very big service..to people and their sentiments.

9 |


7 months ago

Tudo muito Lindo em Paris. Parabéns pelas belas imagens.

16 |


7 months ago

Очень красивое видео!!!!!💓🗼💓💥💥💥

13 |


7 months ago

That's a WOW.

4 |


7 months ago

Very beautiful Paris city

7 |

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