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Hermitcraft 10: Episode 13 - TRUST THE PROCESS
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1,833,477 Views • Apr 8, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 10: Episode 13 - TRUST THE PROCESS. Grian is back on hermitcraft, does some permit work, makes a shop and doesn't wait for instructions

#hermitcraft #minecraft
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Views : 1,833,477
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Apr 8, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 month ago

I love how grian goes from Season 6: eh I'm not rich but I'm not poor Season 7: ROLLING IN IT Season 8: Rich Season 9: I'm not rich but not poor To Season 10: student debt

4.1K |


1 month ago

This mad lad actually went and cut the best part of the entire interaction in the permit office, when he made Scar wait and opened another counter for Pearl; then proceeded to immediately fulfill her requests for revised/additional permits, all the while Pearl happily bops along to 'Please Hold' and Scar watches in stunned silence.

3.6K |


1 month ago

Xisuma saying "what have i done?" in the moment is hilarious. He wasn't upset with Grian for clicking the bed, he was upset with himself for forgetting that Grian would immediately click the bed

1.5K |


1 month ago

One thing I love about Grian’s videos is the effort to make proper subtitles. In a noisy house with children and pets it’s a godsend; but it made me think too of people that genuinely rely on them and yet have to somehow figure out what’s going on from auto generated ones, which are ok for the most part until there’s multiple voices, plenty of action or technical terminology etc. I’d love to see more Hermits get some proper subtitles going.

750 |


1 month ago

Having the Permit Office ACTUALLY work is the most subversive April Fools joke I've ever seen! XD

4.6K |


1 month ago

Xisuma: "Have faith in us-" Grian: "Say no more"

14K |


1 month ago

tysm grian for using closed captions that are even COLOR CODED im not personally hard of hearing but i get immensely distracted SO easily and being able to read it is so so helpful

290 |


1 month ago

14:15 Talking about hypothetically stealing from Scar Xisuma: "He probably wouldn't notice" Grian: "He hasn't" 😂😂

75 |


1 month ago

15:05 from mumbos perspective i thought X accidentally blew the bed which made the scenario even more hilarious "have faith in us" immediately blows you and himself up

2.2K |


1 month ago

"Here Grian, have faith in us." "KABOOM." Is one of my favourite hermitcraft quotes of all time alongside "OBLITERATE!". Just the pure timing of it all.

1.7K |


1 month ago

15:48 honestly that transition from Grian's vertical mine to Scar's diamond pile is so smooth its unbelievable

71 |


1 month ago

For the record I will NEVER be fed up with the permit office bit

80 |


1 month ago

I haven't heard anybody mention that, so can we just take a mere moment to appreciate how gorgeous the interior of the Permit Office looks? Grian rarely ever does interiors, but when he does, they end up looking BLOODY SPECTACULAR.

3.6K |


1 month ago

If Grian is involved, do NOT trust that damn process lmao

8.7K |


1 month ago

I watched Mumbo's video beforehand, when Grian said "Mumbo's asked me if I want to go and explode stuff in the nether", I'm just like oh nooooooooooo

126 |


1 month ago

For the shop: I think the light gray of the stone used is too close to the foreground buildings. Going a few shades darker may just set your sweet shop back enough to make it perfect!

50 |


1 month ago

Grian in HMC7: the richest hermit Grian in HMC10: the poorest hermit

10K |


1 month ago

its like the "why did you press it?" "BECAUSE IM ME" from limited life all over again

726 |


1 month ago

6:40 the way scar and pearl turned their heads in sync is so satisfying

68 |


1 month ago

The best part is that he puts an interactive object in front of the guy who would open a smoker if it was placed in front of him and is NOTORIOUS for pushing buttons and breaking things in the same swoop

19 |

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