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Gothic Romance
0:00 Bellyache
6:44 Copycat
10:05 Lovely
12:47 Wish you were gay
17:02 Bury a friend
20:08 Party favor
23:44 Hostage
27:30 Oceano eyes
30:52 Watch
34:10 When the party's over
37:17 Listen
40:25 Six frete under
43:38 The hill
46:14 Limbo
50:12 She's broken
52:55 Dancing on my own
56:00 Call me back
59:07 See through
1:00:20 l'm in love with you
1:02:33 Eres tú

6 months ago - 99 Likes

Karen Steele

I'm 86 and I love her. Only recently, shamed to say. have 'I discovered' her and now listen to her all the time at home, in the car. Can't believe she's been around so long and I do follow 'pop' music. Which I don't classify her as. She's something special.

5 months ago - 10 Likes

Karley Crawford

She seriously NEEDS to put out an acoustic album, NOW please lol.

2 years ago - 444 Likes

Leticia Luna

Wish this playlist were in Spotify ❤️

1 year ago - 106 Likes

Chrissy M.

Is it just me or I feel like her voice is so beautiful in every shape or form I hear her..her voice melts me. 🎶 💚

1 year ago - 37 Likes

Peterson Guimaraes

Não me canso de escutar, é muito gostoso ouvir essa playlist

7 months ago - 5 Likes

Birte Unknown

Much much better than the studio versions - for me ! These artists need no more than their wonderful voices and some guitar/piano sounds 👍

2 years ago - 38 Likes

fish sauce

I have been a loyal listener and fan of Billie ever since she started! This acoustic is beautiful

2 years ago - 53 Likes

Kt K

Billie, you have an amazing gift that you’re meant to share and continue being that powerful person with your voice. Peace ☮️and Blessings 🎶💚

2 years ago - 26 Likes

Emilie Picard

Love her songs and love her . She’s a vibe and I love the acoustic versions of her songs also she’s a unique talented soul 💜would love to do an acoustic cover of one of her songs

2 years ago - 65 Likes

Laura Villada Vélez

excelentela interpretación de la canción "Eres tú" de Carla Morrison. Me pareció hermosa. Voces hermosas las de estas dos chicas

1 year ago - 20 Likes


I am love with her acoustic versions of songs.

2 years ago - 52 Likes


I am not a fan of her "electric" music, but this is so beautiful. Great voice! She got a new fan :)

2 years ago - 30 Likes

Twitchy Little Ferret

everything about this video is perfect. Thank you so much for making this, the acoustic version of the songs is beyond amazing; listening on repeat <3

8 months ago - 24 Likes

Martha Ibarra

No conocí mucho su música más allá de las más populares... y creo que todas estas son mucho mejores que "Bad Guy" jajaja además luce su preciosa voz. :)

1 year ago - 33 Likes


Oww me encanto esta versión en acústico ><

2 years ago - 7 Likes

Cristina Calderón Diaz

Oh my God...qué hermoso canta!!! Álbum acústico ya! Por favor...uff pegaría muy bien. Love her.💚

7 months ago - 1 Likes

Sophia Teixeira

voltando aqui pra ouvir essa vibe insana

5 months ago - 2 Likes

Egmonts Plinta

It is amazing peacefull music.Thank you Billie.Keep doing it.

2 years ago - 43 Likes

Estefania Aleman

officially addict to this playlist. She should make an acoustic album!!

3 months ago - 5 Likes