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Fallout - Slice of Pie with Ella and Kyle | Prime Video
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125,442 Views • Mar 29, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Ella Purnell and Kyle MacLachlan eat cherry pie, drink coffee and chat Fallout. All episodes available April 11.

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Fallout - Slice of Pie with Ella and Kyle | Prime Video
   • Fallout - Slice of Pie with Ella and ...  

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Views : 125,442
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Mar 29, 2024 ^^

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YouTube Comments - 155 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 month ago

We truly don't deserve Kyle MacLachlan's commitment to just being Dale Cooper forever.

674 |


1 month ago

Ella Purnell is a pure gem in this world.

266 |


1 month ago

LOVE the mashup of Fallout with references to Twin Peaks. Amazing idea.

331 |


1 month ago

"They got a Perfectly Preserved Pie there that'll kill ya"

194 |


1 month ago

Holy shit Paul Atreides is the fuckin' Overseer, I just realized that's him

144 |


1 month ago

Love the chemistry between the cast.

87 |


1 month ago

Twin peaks/Fallout is the Mashup i kind of needed it. also they make a perfect cast with Kyle as Overseer of Vault 33

80 |


1 month ago

She would be a great Elizabeth in a Bioshock adaptation. Just saying...

35 |


1 month ago

What the heck?? How can you have Kyle MacLachlan take a sip of coffee and not say the line!

61 |


1 month ago

If Dalle Cooper were to have a daughter, it would have to be Lucy/Ella Purnell, she just radiates pure joy every time she's on screen

4 |


1 month ago

100% with Kyle that they have a believable resemblance.

17 |


1 month ago

This show is going to be fantastic

51 |


1 month ago

They actually look so much like father and daughter.

6 |


1 month ago

I just watched the first episode!! Fallout series absolutely incredible man, captured the vibe of the games perfectly. Casting is spot on. 👏👏👏

6 |


1 month ago

A mash up of Twin Peaks and Fallout. Someone at Amazon knows their audience.

30 |


1 month ago

0:55 She probably gained 5 rads just by eating one of those eggs

20 |


1 month ago

omg i love all the little scenes theyre giving us

5 |


1 month ago

This was cute. He looks good with grey hair.

14 |


1 month ago

She’s definitely gonna have to escape the vault like in fallout 3

8 |


1 month ago

WAIT She's BRITISH???? She had the most quintessential 90s accent in Yellow Jacket wtf? Kudos man, British accent coaches are something else. Very excited for the new show!

38 |

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