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Gm 2: Oilers @ Panthers 6/10 | NHL Highlights | 2024 Stanley Cup Final
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397,368 Views • Jun 10, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Extended highlights of the Edmonton Oilers at the Florida Panthers; Game 2 of the 2024 Stanley Cup Final

00:00 1st Period
02:56 2nd Period
05:58 3rd Period
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 days ago

This Panthers team is determined to get what they lost last season.

682 |


4 days ago

Hope barkov is ok

126 |


4 days ago

FRIENDLY REMINDER: We are on the verge of seeing Corey Perry loosing in the Stanley Cup Finals for the fourth time in five years with four different teams.

264 |


4 days ago

Bobrosky MVP.

352 |


4 days ago

Lightning fan here, go get your first Cup Win Panthers, keep the cup in Florida!

70 |


4 days ago

I was there! The stadium was electric!! GO CATS!!!

27 |


4 days ago

Wow Lundell Star shining bright Very bright

108 |


4 days ago

Oilers are getting manhandled

253 |


4 days ago

Looks like the Canadian winless streak will be intact

231 |


3 days ago

Bob had 50 shots on goal so far, and only 1 went in. Hes not too pleased with that 😂

7 |


4 days ago

Evan Rodriguez channeling that magical streak he had with the Penguins, hollyyy jummmpinn.

129 |


4 days ago

This Florida team has to be the best team I’ve ever seen. They are so fast and play so hard, win puck battles, defend well, don’t allow zone entries, generate so many high danger scoring chances, depth every where, elite goaltending and coaching

38 |


4 days ago

As an Oilers fan I’ll just admit the Panthers are just too good

63 |


4 days ago

That first goal on Bobby gonna make him mad for game 3

113 |


3 days ago

Bob going sicko mode. This series might not even come back to Sunrise

8 |


4 days ago

“If you can’t beat them, injure them.” -The Edmonton Oilers, probably

118 |


4 days ago

Bouchard with the game winning assist!

35 |


4 days ago

Panthers just look amazing. The whole team playing as stabley cup champion, the goalie the attack the defense!!!

52 |


4 days ago

This looking like a sweep, the conn smythe should go to Bobrovsky

78 |


4 days ago

Tkachuk with some great defence to end that game. Really feels like these Panthers are gonna take it.

102 |

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