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My 600 Day Transformation Against MrBeast
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6,570,850 Views • Jun 8, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


6 days ago

This is all part of Airrack's master plan to become the next Spiderman. I can sense it.

22K |


4 days ago

You started this challenge when I learned of my diagnosis of acute leukemia, 602 days later you overcame this challenge and I overcame my illness! It was great to see that you too were fighting for something. We are together brother

592 |


4 days ago

I think this video perfectly shows, how difficult it is to get big and that it‘s not just going to the gym, but also having the right mindset.

849 |


2 days ago

Props to the editors for combing thru 2 years of film. The unsung heros 💪

92 |


6 days ago

This is great for people to realize that 99% of fitness influencers are on steroids. You worked out and followed a nutrition plan for 600 days while being natural and its obvious! I love it! Great natural transformation!

7.5K |


6 days ago

“are you ready to get obliterated today?”… “of course I don’t wanna be able to walk tomorrow.” Is an insane convo

2.9K |


4 days ago

so contract didnt mean crap....

1.8K |


3 days ago

The fact that just watching your videos over these 2 years I can see the progress, you made so much progress and gained muscle and look incredible. You truly put in effort and that is the hardest thing, you put in consistency, effort, and time to do this. Be proud of yourself, you look great man!

52 |


6 days ago

Give this man props for recording this for 2 years

3.9K |


6 days ago

Fun Fact: if you double tap on this comment it likes it

34K |


22 hours ago

5 mins study for every like

95 |


4 days ago

Honestly Beans should be in a comedy movie. He is hilarious

17 |


6 days ago

You should’ve invited Caseoh

6.3K |


6 days ago

Even though Jimmy didn’t compete or finish the challenge he still improved his body a ton

1.3K |


4 days ago

LOL “I just t- pose” famous words by jimmy 17:06

34 |


1 day ago

The way Jimmy just has a natural glow at the end is soooo heart warming to watch as a PT! Great job to both of you! Go inspire more youngsters to stay fit <3

1 |


6 days ago

imagine pulling up to your local planet fitness and mr beast is just chilling there

292 |


6 days ago


1.9K |


4 days ago

Your dedication is so inspiring! Congrats on making it through 600 days! Can't wait to see the results! 💪🎉

4 |


13 hours ago

What a positive influence this video is - you both absolutely crushed it…all while spreading a positive message. Keep up the amazing work and videos!

2 |

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