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Metadata And Engagement

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00:01 We fell in love in october
03:04 Summer depression
05:39 Serotonin
08:44 Bad idea!
12:23 Say anything
14:48 Rue
18:26 Watch you sleep
21:27 Dead girl in the pool
24:30 girls
27:50 You stupid b*tch
31:06 i wanna be your girlfriend
34:25 .
37:11 i'll die anyway
40:24 Apartment 402
43:50 Midnight love

1 month ago - 58 Likes


Let me tell you, listening to this playlist while reading “she gets the girl” is quite the vibe.

1 month ago - 13 Likes


i'm straight af but her songs just hit different.

1 week ago - 6 Likes


When I'm listening to girl in red most of her songs remind me of my girlfriend. A LOT. (Hopefully she doesn't see this imagine though lol) Anyways she's amazing really.

1 month ago - 8 Likes


Some girl in red memos for yall

Normal person when they see a dead person in a pool: omg I gotta call the police
Girl in red: ima make a song about that crap

When you hear someone listening to the song serotonine and they say "relatable."

1 month ago - 10 Likes


Thanks for this playlist! I've been looking ALL OVER YouTube for this. Anyway so, I've been with my boyfriend for about 7 months because we got separated from schools. So I never got to kiss him and GOD I REALLY WANT TO and I'm going to his house this weekend so I think I should do it then but I don't know how to so please please please can someone help me out on this. Also please no troll replies cuz I'm sick and tired of hearing that stuff. Anyway if anyone has some advice please reply to this comment as soon as possible cuz I'm gonna try and do it this weekend so ive got 7 days. The and bye!😀

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better girl in red playlist! i never see a better, english is not my first language,so sorry if a something wrong

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