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Titanic sub implosion explained | 60 Minutes Australia
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1,479,472 Views • Jul 17, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
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Deep sea submersible experts Karl Stanley and Rob McCallum explain why carbon fibre caused OceanGate's Titan submersible to implode during a Titanic expedition that killed five people onboard, and why it shouldn't be used in environments with unforgiving external pressure.

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1 year ago

I was a fabricator at boeing for a few years. Based on the knowledge of composites gained there, this design is madness. Glued joints under that much pressure, not to mention the carbon fiber. Absolute madness.

1.2K |


11 months ago

Saddest part is that this tragedy was 100% avoidable.

870 |


11 months ago

The fact that the owner heard those loud gunshots. Every time they took a dive, should’ve been all the evidence he needed that the thing was starting to fail slowly, how could an engineer not see this or understand that’s not normal

186 |


11 months ago

The biggest carbon fiber difference in airliners vs submersibles is that carbon fiber functions better when expanding from pressure inside out (as in passenger cabins at high altitude) than it does when contracting by being pushed from outside in (as in multiple atmospheres undersea).

193 |


1 year ago

Being a legend in your own mind can be a fatal flaw also.

263 |


1 year ago

I’ve worked with carbon and glass fibre and we always applied the layers in multiple directions. It adds significantly more stability and strength to whatever you make. Here the fibre was applied in one direction only, that’s really puzzling to me.

997 |


11 months ago

There is something really rare and bizarre about someone like Stockton Rush, he clearly possessed a high enough level of competence and intelligence to get as far as he did in his profession and yet somehow managed to be so utterly reckless and naive that he will be remembered as a moron who's ego cost the lives of four innocent men. The tragedy of the Titan sub could be viewed as morality tale to remind us how dangerous an ego can be when it is not put in check.

314 |


11 months ago

As a US Navy Deep Submersible Submariner this was absolutely insane!

19 |


1 year ago

The hull was a glorified plastic sewage pipe, not a deepsea submersible.

671 |


1 year ago

The fatal flaw was Stockton Rush and his mammoth ego .

65 |


11 months ago

The Ocean Gate CEO and the old RMS Titanic Architect had the same character for being overconfident in their build & design, and they both ignored the obvious warnings & risks as well, they thought that their crafts are unsinkable. Yet, they both met their demise in the end.

21 |


11 months ago

This guy is beautifully spoken. Honestly good to here this simply explained. 🌹🇭🇲

31 |


1 year ago

Carbon Fiber was the perfect solution for the pressures they were dealing with. Assuming the pressure was on the inside of the sub. Carbon Fibers strength is when under tension. When the string is being pulled along it’s long axis. It is however string. It has no strength in compression. You can just ball it up like yarn. In compression the carbon fiber was doing next to nothing. All the strength was in the resin bonding material. It’s a miracle it lasted even one dive.

339 |


1 year ago

Stockton gives the impression of an arrogantly, reckless person. Too dangerous a mindset to be involved in this type of industry

257 |


11 months ago

What may be the most tragic thing about this doomed endeavor is that this could’ve been avoided if they had listened to all the experts warning them about this.

16 |


1 year ago

Engineering modelling suggests that the epoxy seals between the glass fibre and the titanium, as well as the acrylic viewing port, which was only rated to 1300m depth, were also major weaknesses.

43 |


1 year ago

Because the carbon was wrapped, it had ZERO strength in the fore/aft direction. The only thing preventing collapse was the epoxy alone, something it was totally unsuited for. I'm amazed it lasted as long as it did. A wise mechanical engineer once told me: "No one knows anything, the results speak for themselves." Indeed.

194 |


1 year ago

To me, Nargeolet is the mystery here. His actions are hard to explain. He was knowledgeable and certainly well-connected to all these folks who claim they knew it would implode/was unsuitable/etc. Yet he lent it considerable credibility and ultimately gave his life for it. I’ve not seen any good explanation for any of that.

514 |


11 months ago

Cylinders don't distribute stress well under massive compression loads. Use a sphere and design a craft within those limitations. James Cameron's craft was like a dart with a metal sphere enclosed inside for the occupant. On the Trieste submersible dive there was an explosive boom when an out plexiglass window cracked somewhere around 6 miles down. Both guys looked around and decided to continue down.

51 |


11 months ago

According to a retired submarine capt who accumulated the total of 7.5 years of his life underwater: "The coefficient for expansion & contraction of the three materials used, carbon fiber, titanium & plexy-glass, are all different." This makes the most sense as to why the sub imploded, all the materials used were working against each other, it was just a matter of time!

4 |

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