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[4K] Watch SpaceX launch Starship, the biggest rocket ever, LIVE up close and personal!
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2,622,850 Views • Streamed live on Nov 17, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
This is the second fully integrated full stack test flight of Starship and the mighty Super Heavy booster, the largest and most most powerful rocket to ever fly. It produces over twice as much thrust as the Saturn V that took humans to the moon.

The goal of the test is to get further along than IFT-2 in April 20th which didn't make it to stage separation while also hoping the improvements to the launch pad hold up better than the previous attempt. If all goes well, Starship will re-enter near Hawaii about 90 minutes after it lifts off from Starbase, TX, nearly completing an orbit of the Earth. This would allow the teams to test the reentry profile and heat shields for the first time from orbital velocities.

Want more information? Check out our Prelaunch Preview written by Austin Desisto - everydayastronaut.com/starship-superheavy-flight-t…

Want to know where to watch this live? I made a video on how to visit Starbase and where to watch a launch from -    • How To Visit STARBASE // A Complete G...  

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00:00 - Intro
03:30 - Q&A / Prelaunch Preview
35:10 - Unhosted Night Views
5:04:55 - Q&A
7:23:15 - Sunrise
7:32:30 - Liftoff!
7:35:20 - Hot-staging / Stage Separation
7:40:55 - Flight Termination
7:49:45 - Tracking Footage Replay
7:57:20 - Q&A / Reaction
8:31:55 - Over-shoulder Reaction
8:49:20 - Q&A


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8 months ago

7:32:35 - Water deluge system, 7:32:40 - T -5, 7:32:45 - Lift off, 7:33:50//7:33:56 - Max-Q, 7:35:21 - Meco//Hot staging, 7:35:59//7:36:16 - Booster explosion, 7:40:59 - Starship telemetry loss/explosion. Thanks.

609 |


8 months ago

That far away and the deck is still shaking? That must be an absolutely awesome thing to witness.

274 |


8 months ago

That delay between lift-off and when the sound finally reaches you is impressive!

97 |


8 months ago

Bro 2.2 million views already!? Tim is killing it and someday will fly on one of those behemoth pieces of human ingenuity! Go spacex!

64 |


8 months ago

I just realized the water deluge system is basically a giant rocket bidet system.

103 |


8 months ago

I cast this to my TV live and it was incredible. The effort to deliver 4K is worth it.

12 |


8 months ago

As a 4K-Viewer, I appreciate the effort to give this quality!

20 |


8 months ago

The deluge sytem made a huge difference, no engines lost at all. What an incredible launch!

11 |


8 months ago

It's like reliving the Apollo Space Program era 🫡

105 |


8 months ago

Congratulations to all the sleepless workers at SpaceX who made this possible.

434 |


8 months ago

Great launch and covrage! Big congratulations to everyone at SpaceX and your production team. Something interesting I've noticed is that at 7:36:17 you can see the exact moment when B9 blew up by going frame by frame and the explosion clearly came from the common dome area suggesting that it was indeed the FTS. That's great because it means that the upgraded FTS actually works and that B9 was intentionally destroyed due to something like a range violation after an anomaly in the boostback burn and did not explode from damage after hotstaging.

95 |


8 months ago

#1 on trending! You guys deserve it! We love you guys! Thank you Tim Team!

11 |


8 months ago

To me, it looked like the hot stage put a lot of extra rotation into the booster. The RCS is fighting the yaw hard, and there are a few long "burns" trying to stabilize the trajectory. My guess is that it was getting close enough to the range of boundary after separation that the FTS was tracking input and result, and it was far enough out of position that it was physically unable to provide sufficient thrust in the correct direction to push back into the range. That long leak looking streamer is a thruster at absolute wide open, trying to push, but it wasn't moving fast enough so FTS came online

35 |


8 months ago

Wonderful coverage...I watched live at 2:30am here in Hawaii...Woke up my astrophysicist wonderful wife, I am just an engineer and have worked with NASA on JWST detectors...Born in New Orleans 62 years ago and I know the entire gulf coast from Texas to Florida, and have been in Hawaii for 36 years and was waiting to see Starship arrive miles from Kauai...When will the next test run happen is my question...smile...I watched the Apollo launch in 1969 live on TV with my grandpa when I was 10...1969 is our gate code...fun test when you tell a friend , "it's the year we landed on the moon"

10 |


8 months ago

A massive amount of work and inspiration produced this launch and so congratulations Space X. Great coverage on this channel, intelligent and entertaining and some amazing coverage. Also, its great you dont talk over the actual launch, really appreciate that and shows you guys want to get us as close to the event as possible.

71 |


8 months ago

Phenomenal coverage! I eagerly await the 4k replays. Amazing......4k.....coverage

47 |


8 months ago

This launch exceeded all my expectations! Congrats SpaceX starship teams for making history! Thank you EDA and cosmic perspective for the coverage, y'all were amazing!

69 |


8 months ago

We enjoyed this whole broadcast. LOVED the emotions coming through too! They gave us a little taste of the experience and we apprecaite all of the hard work to pull of these shots!! 👏👏👏

4 |


8 months ago

Tim, you and your absolutely astounding crew are heroes! Although I missed your live coverage, just watching the recorded replay was soooo exciting! I will always watch your live feed (within my ability in Hawaii) for future launches. Thank y'all for not only all the hard work, but also all the excitement, enthusiasm & energy you bring to all of this. 👍

1 |


8 months ago

Thank you SO MUCH for the great coverage. Sadly was at work during the launch but the second I got home it was back to your coverage. I was stunned seeing the deck and door shacking. How F’ing amazing!!!!


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