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7 months ago


1.2K |


7 months ago

I’d like to see a “where are they now” video for all the players on RWE this summer in like 3-4 years

3K |


7 months ago

We appreciate you for editing and making these fire videos

994 |


7 months ago

This game had me on my toes the whole time . Cam never disappoints his aau games fr .

35 |


7 months ago

Can we appreciate the hard work Cam puts in these and the hard work RWE Elite puts in the games

724 |


7 months ago

The coach mocking the crowd at 35:33 had me 💀

23 |


7 months ago

U definitely got to get that Assistant coach on RWA FULL TIME, HE FUNNY AS HELL 😂

780 |


7 months ago

I’m assuming this started as a joke or to not really be taken seriously but you can really see how much effort cam and the team is putting in. It’s very very very entertaining – thank you cam.

212 |


7 months ago

The commentary at 27:52 after the block is legendary 💀

"I told u to shoot it, you would've still missed it but STILL"

789 |


7 months ago

i wanna see cam coach an actual hs team in the future would be a crazy series

21 |


7 months ago

Can we take a moment and realize Nelson was actually being serious for once asking cam where to put his passport! 😂

438 |


7 months ago

Cam is really changing the basketball community… I love it giving ppl a platform to showcase their talents

5 |


7 months ago

This was a good ass game. Had my heart racing and shit 🤣🤣

206 |


7 months ago

I already know this team gonna put on a show🔥

219 |


7 months ago

You were right though Cam, the only thing your team was struggling with was rebounds on defense. The other team had so many rebounds off of missed shots. Plus as you stated the iso ball. You guys got it though.

98 |


7 months ago

Nah that assistant coach needs to be with y’all the rest of the RWE season. He funny as hell.

29 |


7 months ago

I love how Nelson was leaving everybody hangin in the beginning 😂😂😂

42 |


7 months ago

We appreciate you for editing and making these fire videos I deadass wait for you too post ❤



7 months ago

That other teams coach had me dead 💀

202 |


7 months ago

can we take a moment for cam and the team because he posted an hour long video for us!

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