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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 39 - THE BIG CLEAN
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1,840,746 Views • Jun 15, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 9: Episode 39 - THE BIG CLEAN Grian is back on hermitcraft, becomes mumbos friend and makes HUGE progress.

#minecraft #hermitcraft
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Views : 1,840,746
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Jun 15, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.987 (318/100,849 LTDR)
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


11 months ago

In the next season he should have a shop called the 'Grian experience" where all the boxes are scattered and unorganized on the floor and people have to rummage for what they want. Force them to look at more products- more impulse buying- gains

947 |


11 months ago

You know he's Grian when he tries to remove copper from the copper burner instead of breaking the circuit 💀

11K |


11 months ago

Grian is 100% a dragon. He flies around all the time, constantly messing with people, destroys stuff, loves chaos, and has a giant horde of unorganized junk Edit: and he has the dragon eggs!

1.9K |


11 months ago

Let’s talk about the amount of progress Grain has made He finished the BACK of a build He made a storage system

3.8K |


11 months ago

Turns out the "Impulse-Gem-Scar intervention" really did make an impact the episodes have been so much more productive since then

2.3K |


11 months ago

Grian’s productivity this episode is actually really impressive

4.6K |


11 months ago

i love how he changed the title after it originally being "the big tidy". he saw where that could be misinterpreted.

980 |


11 months ago

Zed called the Mansion, Grian's only base with a storage system, "a mess". Grian will remember that

501 |


11 months ago

"I've been told you're a man of eggs..." I really thought Poultry Man would appear suddenly.

256 |


11 months ago

"I lived in your mansion once, I know exactly what it's like to live in your mess." I don't think a single sentence has ever destroyed a man as thoroughly as this one destroyed Grian. Zed is ice cold.

818 |


11 months ago

Absolutely loved the "Grian will remember that." after Zedaph questioned you lol. In all seriousness the progress done to your base is incredible!! I know chest monsters can be hard to clean and it looks so great.

600 |


11 months ago

Grian's the kind of guy to see a button and ask "Is anyone gonna press that?" and not wait for an answer.

301 |


11 months ago

Not sure if Pearl is gonna be proud or go into shock once she learns this

2.1K |


11 months ago

That "Grian will remember that" really got me 🤣 14:24

938 |


11 months ago

I think your 7+ hours of cleaning will bring tears to Pearls eyes. It was really satisfying to see major base progress after months of minor progress.

358 |


11 months ago

You should absolutely pull a Mumbo and make the dragon egg get "burned up" at the end of the trial, only to reveal it was saved after.

176 |


11 months ago

For anyone who doesn't know, this video was originally call "The Big Tidy." Just a little bit of history for you.

315 |


11 months ago

Grian saying just the word “Barge” made me instantly smile. Such a great season.

1.9K |


11 months ago

Bad luck Grian. Seems like Doc is Mumbo’s best friend. He’s already beaten the button and obtained the purple crown. I can’t wait for Grian to get it though.. It’ll surely bring some funny moments with it.

566 |


11 months ago

I feel like Grian has regained something lately, ever since Mumbo came back and the Doc incident, things have just been moving so much more lately, it's great to see

52 |

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