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Mothica - forever fifteen (Official Music Video)
269,091 Views • Premiered Feb 28, 2021 • Click to toggle off description
You are not alone.

forever fifteen ep - MARCH 19
presave here:

Directed by Patrick Young & Powell Robinson
Cinematography by Powell Robinson
Produced by Our Secret Handshake
Starring Emily Angela
Colored by Kath Raisch
Gaffer - Hiram Borges
Key Grip - Nate Thomson
1st Ac: Adam Marquez
VFX - Ben Kadie
Styling Assistant - Drew Cockrell

Song credits: Mothica, Eva Honey, Alexandra Veltri, Lenii, David Burris

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Views : 269,091
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Premiered Feb 28, 2021 ^^

Rating : 4.984 (61/15,601 LTDR)
RYD date created : 2022-04-08T12:33:13.885231Z
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 years ago

We need to give props to Momica for how beautiful her daughter both was and is.

1.5K |


3 years ago

“You’re too young to be this sad” and “I thought no one would miss me” hit hard. I too am a survivor. This whole song hit close to home. I’ve had five attempts. Thank you for this song. We love you.

1.3K |


2 years ago

“You’re too young to be this sad” was THE MOST PAINFUL THING adults said to me when I was 11-16. I was hurting myself, starving myself, and all they would do is tell me I was “being dramatic — it’s not that serious.” 💔

386 |


3 years ago

Fuck me. You don't shy away from your issues that everyone needs to hear, to understand that we're not alone. Thank you for this.

777 |


3 years ago

I'm crying. Imagining what your kiddo self would think of you if you ever did something to yourself makes me so emotional

731 |


3 years ago

it hurts knowing that there's so many of us out there that have attempted or done s/h but seeing all of those faces of those of us who survived through it makes me proud that we're all still here

415 |


3 years ago

Just cried, for that sweet child, and for that strong woman.

203 |


3 years ago

After watching this music video im in tears. Ever since I tried taking my life back when I was 9 years old, I always felt like I had that little girl by my side. The time where she never knew such pain and I have to hide her away from any pain I'm currently going through because I don't want her to lose that innocences. I feel like im fighting for my life just for her and feel that I can't disappoint her.
It's also in a sense feel like backage for me because I'm still holding on to that pain and to that childhood innocent that I once had. I just want to be at the point where I can just let it all go and close that part of my life.

543 |


3 years ago

We lost some of us and some pieces of ourselves on our way here. But the thing is that we're here now. We made it till here and I'm so fucking proud of you no matter what :) No matter who, where or when i hope this comment attracts the positive things and calls out the power in you. Have an amazing day :)

270 |


3 years ago


466 |


2 years ago

my family still makes a joke about my attempt because they thought i couldn’t ever go deep enough to actually leave. this song hits a lot of places and i’m glad you’re still here but also helping so many others by sharing your voice.

111 |


3 years ago

My girlfriend and I are on Skype, watching this for the first time and sobbing. This is so important.

278 |


3 years ago


123 |


3 years ago

Seeing myself makes me so proud to still be here

140 |


3 years ago

This song already helped me, today was the 2 year anniversary of my friend leaving us and this song reminded me of them
Thank you for this and everything else you do your music is a comfort to me, not only has it helped me stay positive in this day it keeps me hopeful I’ll be able to make it 1 year without hurting (7 months so far), you give me hope and comfort and I am thankful for every bit of it

494 |


1 year ago

Story time:
I saw Mothica open for Coheed & Cambria a few months ago and the show was very important to me for a few reasons, but one that really stuck with me was because it was my cousins favorite band and I felt like I owed it to him to see them.

I never knew much or listened to Mothica before the show, and during her set she talks about her battles with depression and her attempted suicide. Hearing this song live and the atmosphere, it brought me back to 2015 when I lost my cousin.

He would be forever 30. How I didn't burst into tears at the show and just collapse was a personal miracle, but it was a message from Mothica that I needed to hear.

I'm nearing the 7 year anniversary of his passing, and I gotta tell myself every time: Be strong for everyone around you. People WILL miss you when you're gone.

To any moths that are still here, just know I'm proud of you and I hope you can continue to fight the fight.

Forever 30, Andrew "AJ" Kirk. Rest in Peace.

20 |


3 years ago

I haven’t had an experience like this myself, but I have a lot of friends who suffer from severe depression since a young age and this moved me so much. I’m glad that you’re here to share your story, to give others courage, and to also tell them that it’s alright. 💙

82 |


3 years ago

I'm 15 and it's been 2 1/2 years since my last attempt. Thanks for showing me that living a good life despite the past is possible. I really love the song ❤

54 |


3 years ago

I'm sitting here crying just as much as I did the first time I listened to this song. Thank you Mothica, this song means so much.

69 |


3 years ago

The line 'you're too young to be this sad' hits me harder every time. It's almost verbatim what my parents said to me when they found out i was diagnosed with depression nearly three years ago now.
Your music makes me feel validated, thank you mothica

41 |

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