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Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Reveal Trailer
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1,904,966 Views • Jun 9, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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Views : 1,904,966
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Date of upload: Jun 9, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 days ago

Watch our Gameplay Reveal here: https://youtu.be/CTNwHShylIg

89 |


5 days ago

The most shocking thing about the trailer was that BiioWare left the comments open

6.2K |


5 days ago

the real reason why Youtube removed dislikes

16K |


1 day ago

Does anyone who participated in this game decision EVER played a Dragon Age title!?!?!?!?

68 |


2 days ago

And we thought that ubisoft showed us where the bottom is.

131 |


5 days ago

What are we some kind of dragon suicide squad?

30K |


4 days ago

The music choice isn't doing this any favors

5.8K |


1 day ago

BioWare did to Dragon Age what Disney did to Star Wars.

425 |


1 day ago

Some part of me just died today watching this. Feels bad when you stop being the target audience for the game series you have loved for so long. RIP Bianca too

37 |


5 days ago

Perhaps I judged you too harshly Dragon Age 2

4.2K |


5 days ago

Fuck, this is gonna be a "He is right behind me isn't he" kind of script right?

5.7K |


1 day ago

We all owe Dragon Age 2 an apology

555 |


1 day ago

How to Train your Dragon Age, apparently 😮

94 |


4 days ago

Devs, blink twice if Netflix and Disney are holding you hostage

2.9K |


5 days ago

i didn't know disney bought bioware

8.6K |


16 hours ago

10 years since inquisition, for this?

36 |


2 days ago

I still can't get over this, DAO was dark and had gore and blood and your character could literally be covered in it. Here we have skeleton with cooking plate on head and googly eyed darkspawn. I bet there is not a single drop of blood here.

54 |


5 days ago

Bioware, please sell mass effect and dragon age to someone who actually loves the games. Edit: After watching the actual gameplay, I am much more confident in Bioware's ability to do the series justice. They do need to be very careful about how to promote their games in the future.

12K |


5 days ago

Sooooooo......where's the real trailer?

8.9K |


1 day ago

Goodbye sweet gothic fantasy, hello wacky Darkspawn

58 |

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