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This week, on Hermitcraft!

This episode covers videos released between Saturday September 30 and Friday October 6, 2023.

There was no episode of the Recap for week 82.

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→ Twitter: twitter.com/hermitcraft_
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


7 months ago

Thanks for covering for us while we were gone, peeps! Now, who do you think is voting for which mob among the three of us? And which mob are YOU voting for?

482 |


7 months ago

“I’d like to thank BDoubleO’s mother” - Etho 2023

211 |


7 months ago

Nobody: Zedaph: Tango was slain by Zedaph using [✨💀The Caves of Carnage Key💀✨]

79 |


7 months ago

points at screen Hey, I recognize that voice!

342 |


7 months ago

15:00 I love how impulse has now been promoted to iskall status by hermitcraft recap

52 |


7 months ago

0:40 I am very confident the Crab is the Crab, but I'm not as confident the Armadillo is the Armadillo and I think the Penguin might be a Dolphin in disguise.

687 |


7 months ago

Season 9 is officially the longest season of Hermitcraft!!

1.2K |


7 months ago

Next Week's Recap will mark Season 9 officially as the longest Season of Hermitcraft! (Sixfinity, 586 days, will be beaten this Thursday)

199 |


7 months ago

My favourite moment of the second Blood on the Clocktower round was when Cub just APPEARED and Cleo did an actual double-take. xD

14 |


7 months ago

We like to thank BdoubleO's mom for this recap

29 |


7 months ago

I really like how they make sure that you know who the team is behind these videos. Sure, Pixlriffs is the one you hear, but you still always remember that Zloy and Lyarrah help equally.

174 |


7 months ago

On a real note 'Blood on the Clocktower' is such a good game. If you guys have enough friends, you should play it! (I no longer have any friends left because I've lost many friendships with the game)

43 |


7 months ago

Etho breaks the game and Tango freaks out! Poor, Tango!😂

76 |


7 months ago

0:42 “…the crab, the armadillo and the penguin. Let us know in the comments which one you think is which.” I think the penguin is the one with two webbed feet; the crab is the one with the claws and hard shell; the third one is the armadillo by process of elimination. 😂

144 |


7 months ago

Correct, the fourth phase would be second main where they could play a land if they haven't already, and then any other spells they could afford

239 |


7 months ago

I hope the boat race track also gets its time to shine either amidst or after the Decked Out fever.

36 |


7 months ago

3:20 The clip from Tango's pov is brilliant too lol

12 |


7 months ago

Hmm... Zloy as pirate will want penguins to speed his boats. Lyarrah will vote for crab to extrend Bedrock reach EVEN FURTHER (already has a bigger reach than Java). Pixel votes for armadillo for sweet doggo protect now protected. How did I do?

61 |


7 months ago

❤ That intro was chefs kiss

15 |


7 months ago

it's quite remarkable how somebody as washed up as etho can be amazing at games which take over a year to finish like decked out and the tcg

78 |

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